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Platform For Artists is a community organization with 25,000 artists across the country. These artists include - writers, designers, painters, photographers, dancers, singers, musicians, hip-hop artists, magicians, chefs, handicraft artists and people with other creative interests. Founded in April 2017, we have been able to connect with artists from 25 cities in India till today.


We started with conducting projects like - PFA Art All Night, PFA Art Getaway, PFA Exhibition, PFA workshops, PFA Open Mic events where artists come together to perform, create art and network with like-minded people. Our ideas behind executing some of the adventurous projects have become our identity today. We have always intended to brainstorm and present the audience with art that has not been seen, heard of or made.  


Another vertical that we operate under is - Artist service provider where we link clients with the right artists. This was started to bridge the gap between demand and supply of creative professionals. The artists who are registered with us get job opportunities and freelancing projects through us, this way we help them monetize their art and creative potential. We help the clients by giving them the best artist as per their requirements and budget. ASP is the one-stop solution for anyone who is looking for a content writer, designer, photographer,  performing artist, or event manager.


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Pawan Rochwani          +91 9028224420

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