We are looking for a creative and dedicated content curator who will co-ordinate with artists (painters, photographers, dancers etc.) for quality content across all our social media platforms. A curator will have to locate different artists, collect their pieces of art and feature the best content on our social media platforms.


1. Benchmarking current trends in similar industries and performing in-depth analysis of the

audience’s preferences.

2. Designing and implementing online presence strategy to align with business goals. Setting targets

across different platforms and reporting ROI.

3. Exploring and converting new avenues for online engagements like giveaways, partnerships, live

sessions etc.

4. Liaising with content creators for quality content and generating the relevant posts.

5. On-boarding new artists and expanding the reach of the community through all possible routes of


6. Collaborating with other departments (like marketing) to create innovative content ideas and for

identifying opportunities in promotion, advertising etc.



1. Strong negotiation, resource management and people skills.

2. Good verbal and written communication

4. Familiarity with SEO, SEM, Google Analytics, Facebook Ad Manager etc.

5. Knowledge of online and offline marketing channels.

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