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'Platform For Artists' (PFA) is a community of 10,000 creative individuals across the country who belong to visual arts, performing arts and other domains that includes their artistic inclination. We offer our services in the following domains across the country

Photographer, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Content Writer, Visual Artist, Musician, Music Bands, Dancers, DJ, Handcraft Artists, Sculpture,Theater and Drama, Film Makers, UI UX Designer, Website Developer, Make Up Artist, Interior Designers, Social Media Marketing, PR and Branding. These artists will take care of all your professional needs individually or as a group, let that be a full time hiring for your organization or a short term hiring for your events. 

How often you have not been able to find the right people for your creative needs? 

Let that be a brochure design, a social media campaign, a photographer for your event, content writer for your website or even a full team who will take care of your campaign or event? 

It is quite often.

So anytime you are looking for any artists, let that be a photographer, content writer, UI UX designer, just hit us a call on 9028224420 and we will take care of everything from there on.

In the past two years, we have worked with more than 150 brands on 500+ projects. We link them with the right artist for their requirements and let our team be as an art director on the project.


Why not hire an agency instead?

We did a 'before - after' for a brand and the response was 'These guys are way more creative because of the right blend of freedom and professionalism they bring in' .