30 Under 30 who built India’s first collaborative art community.

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

United we stood, succeeded and conquered! What started as a dream of one person back in 2017 is now a community of five thousand artists across the country. ‘Platform For Artists’ operates in eight cities in the country at present and the entire kingdom runs because of a strong and powerful army of thirty dedicated creative heads. We could grow and set higher targets because we always had our volunteers to win all the regional wars bravely.

While we started in Pune in April 2017, it was just five of us. It then grew to a team of talented volunteers like Komal Surve, Akshat Palrecha, Anushtha Jhanwar, Piyush Patil, Serena Sharma and Abhinandan Jain who became the face of PFA in Pune. As we planned to connect and explore other cities, the team took care of everything that happened in the home city. We could establish a strong base in Pune owing to the hard work of all these creative individuals. Aurangabad being our second home, we always experimented with new project ideas for artists to showcase their talent. Kiran Kalani, Rituraj Gaikwad, Arya Tayal and Simran Gunwani helped us to reach out to more number of artists in the city while they themselves constantly created some of the best artworks in past one year.

Ahmedabad based Nidhi Vyas, Ismail Lakhani, Hitesh Motwani, Osheeen Beriwala, Meet Rao and Bangalore based Sagar Mehta, Nidhi BS, Ramya Bhagirathi always had our back in these two cities. We are extremely delighted to have them as a part of the team who helped us establish a stronger base in those regions. Nagpur was handled by Prajakt Kamrakar and Amrita Vaccher together after they became a part of our art getaway in Udaipur. They both being architects have kept their art growing through their profession and have played the role of a guardian angel for us. Anupriya Dixit, Tarun Sharma, Udit Sen, Malika Notani and Priyesh Vishwakarma have performed, hosted and won the hearts of artists in Indore always. Rubina Sahani, Varun Namdev, Shelly Venessa Ekka and Khadija Nusrat Islam have helped us in indefinite ways though we haven’t reached their cities yet.

When I rewind the past few months, I realize how I have always been blessed with people who pour their heart in all that they do. These people are not just connected to PFA, but they are connected to me as well and close to my heart. No matter which city I travel to, I know that I will always be having a home there. Ismail, Amrita, Nidhi, Varun and Rubina have made me realize how time, distance and lack of conversation does not affect when you connect to someone’s soul. I share innumerable stories with them and everyone has contributed to make me what I am today.

Anurag Sirse, Shubham Shettiwar, Ameya Deshmukh, Rushabh Shingavi and Shreshtha Mishra are the pillars of Platform For Artists who have played different roles as time demanded to make the foundation stronger. Though they are occupied with their academic and business schedule, they always run to our rescue and they have been more than a family for us. Anurag and Shubham are the ones whom I run to at random hours of the day for advices, solutions and they always make me believe in my strength and capabilities to do wonders.

When it comes to one person who has been my friend, mother and mentor during all the hard times I have had — Neetika Rochwani is the one whom I always look up to. Life has been really better since she has stepped into PFA and taken up responsibilities which only she could do. I remember calling her up one day — “I feel tiny with all the things that I have been doing. I am not sure of taking up the huge responsibilities.” She comforted me saying — “You are capable of doing infinite things and you have always made me proud.”

Today, I want to openly express gratitude, love and pat their back for doing an outstanding job by always taking care of responsibilities efficiently. They are the pioneers of this change we have initiated in the art scenario of the country.We have conducted 120 projects in past one year and this was possible because of the strong team of volunteers who always considered PFA as their own child. While they took care of the work allotted, they also made us proud by going the extra mile and using their creative ideas to enhance the intrinsic value of team.

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