9 events you should attend this weekend #34

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Every Thursday Platform For Artists curates a blog with nine events across the country which you should attend on the weekend. Here,we will give you a brief about each event along with the link to register/ book your ticket.

If you are organizing any art-related event, drop us an email on contact@pfaindia.com to get listed in the blog.


1. Excuse me brother by Aakash Gupta | 24th August | Spade Comedy club, Pune

Aakash Gupta is back with his new stand up solo show.

PS: If you have seen him live in the last 9 months, then it is the same show

You can find the details here.

2. Shoes Painting workshop | 25th August | Cafe Kathaa

Learn to Paint shoes with your favourite design with Pcube ( Payal P Patil ) this weekend.

You can choose your favorite theme from the given options.You don't need to have prior painting experience. Also there is no specific age bar, so you can come along with your friends, siblings, partner, even kids.

To know more and register, contact +918169344574

Find more here.

Mumbai :

3. Jazzing up with Latin | 25th August | Of10, Mumbai

Jazzing it up with Latin! Feel the magic of monsoon with a super fun combination of Latin and Jazz moves. Experience how two styles coming from Afro-America and Puerto Rico join their hands together to come up with crazy combination of hands, isolation and some fun footwork.

No partner required. No experience and only good vibes required.

Register here.

4. Travel Open Mic | 25th August | Khar Social

Stories of trials and tribulations of long voyages have never failed to hold court around a fireplace. If you're a fan of such tales, come be a part of this evening where travellers from different walks of life from across the world come together to take you on their journey of discovery, laughter, friendship, courage, resilience and craziness.

Open house travel meet-up is a platform for travellers to share their stories. We curate some real good speakers and leave the other slots for the open house where they have to come and register on the day itself. Want to share some amazing experience or want to brag about that one trip which you can't get enough of?

RSVP here.

5. The FearSlayer Workshop w/ Something sketchy | 25th August | Churchstreet Social

In this workshop which is part soul searching, part chit-chatting-connecting and part drawing, you will wind up creating your own special fear slaying Sketchy Creature, pulled out straight from your own imagination. You’ll get to share your stories with new friends (provided you’d like to of course) and spend a peaceful and happy three hours introspecting lightly and letting your creativity and imagination go wild with pen and paper. The bonus is you’ll be sent a badge with your creature on it within the week, so you can keep your Fear Slayer Sketchy Creature (or your very own imagined Patronus if you will), close to you at all times. A fun afternoon of conversation and creation with Sketchy Creature specialist, artist Madhuvanthi Mohan who goes by the name Something Sketchy.

Buy your tickets here.

Nagpur :

6. Social Media Fan fest | 24th August | Mankapur Indoor Stadium, Nagpur

The First Edition of Social Media Fan Fest 2019 will be hosting various artists of YouTube from different genres to perform and entertain the enthusiastic youngsters and crowd of Nagpur. This will not only add energy and motivation but also will give a candid message to the society. Fan Fest is being conducted during Innovation Parv 2019 to encourage and motivate diverse youngsters of Nagpur.

Artists Line up: Singh's Unplugged - Singer / Band Amandeep Singh - Story Teller Rakesh Tiwari - Poet Pooja Sachdeva - Poet Ranveer Allhabadia (Beer Biceps) - Life Coach / Motivator Shweta Mehta - Fitness Expert / Actress Viraj Gehani - Content Creator ( Filter Copy) Raunak Ramteke - Content Creator ( Filter Copy) Abhishek Kapoor - Content Creator ( Hasley India) Rishabh Rana - Content Creator ( Hasley India) Twarita Nagar - Content Creator ( Pataakha) Ani Ray - Fitness Expert / YouTuber NARC - Rappers of Nagpur

Book your tickets here.

Delhi :

7. Kahaaniya -- A story-telling show by Tape A Tale | 25th August | Delhi Central - The Comedy club

Kahaaniya is a curated storytelling show where 10 storytellers come and share stories from their personal lives.

Book your tickets here.

8. Doodling on Kettle workshop | 24th August | 91Springboard, Delhi

Do you love doodling and ready to bring some art into your kitchen? With this upcoming workshop, you can now add a pop of colour to your kitchen space.

To know more, visit here.


9. Bohemianology - Boho Meetup | 25th August | Dialogues Cafe, Koramangala

Ever wondered what it's like to solo backpack?

Ever wondered what it's like to be an Artist?

What happens when you take a road less traveled?

Be a part of a beautiful evening where creators from the field of music and travel speak about how it is to take "The Road Less Traveled". Bohemianology is an international community of like-minded people who share common interests and wants people to get inspired and educated them on what is it like to take "The Road Less traveled".

Book your tickets here.

* Please note that we are not the organizers of any of these events. We have curated this blog just to give you updates about what all is happening this weekend.

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