Akshay Mane has united everyone for the stage

Akshay Mane is a College Of Engineering Pune graduate currently working with a corporate firm and balancing his passion for dance simultaneously. He founded a group named - The United Stage which is an urban theatre organization that specializes in blending multidisciplinary art forms into a single homogeneous stage experience.

Akshay has expertise in multiple dance forms and he has conducted many workshops over the past two years. The United Stage has collaborated and worked with other communities too bringing a chance in the dance culture in the city. There are classical dancers too who add to the creative ideas Akshay brings to life.

Akshay and the team have always been a part of the projects we do in Pune. Fifteen of them had performed as a concluding dance group in the experiential art show - UNLEARN we hosted last April. It was a mind blowing performance which left every single person in awe.

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