Your DJ is coding at this music event.

Algorave is a live music performance that promotes programming as a performance art form. It is the representation of electronic music, based on an algorithm.

Performing Artists: Raia__, substance.d, Khoparzi, Tig3rbabu, and sba0h0r0

I am an engineer and a theater artist, anything with a gadget or with a stage/design/mic makes my brain go ‘oh nice’, at this event it was live coding which creates music so this was ‘OH NICE!’. If A was engineering and B was art, the Venn Diagram for me at this event would be completely overlapping. Just like you see a guitarist perform at any gigs with his/her instrument, these artists had their software as instrument. I was super excited to go for this one, thanks to TIFA Working Studios who are ingenious with their events curation.

As I entered at 7.30 pm, last few rounds of visual and sound check was in progress. It took me a while to absorb the environment and understand what was displayed on the screen. It’s the Wall Of Code, we might not know the hours of practice that a musician goes through in order to perform in front of an audience but at Algorave, you can see the entire process of creation. Imagine being in an illustrator’s head while he/she is creating an artwork and watching the entire process of creation start to end.

Algorave is a global movement and the first ever such event was organised in London in the year 2011, there are artists all over the world who are performing in New York, Australia, Tokyo and of course India. It’s not much known in India as of now but it is picking up and pretty sure this will soon be a common word. The software that these guys use are free, there are YouTube videos and workshops to learn how to code for generating music, you don't need an experience in coding or music to do. At the same time, you don't have to spend a bomb of money to buy any instrument or spend your time travelling to a music class, it's all on your fingertips.

The most thrilling part of the show was when three of these artists started jamming. On a local network, they were sharing a screen (just like a google doc where multiple people can edit on the same page) and they were coding to generate music. For people who weren’t present at the event it must be hard to visualize this, but if you have ever seen a few musicians jam, you might be able to connect the dots.

I would like to mention Tejaswi who was doing the visuals on the other screen, it was a ‘insert-shashi-tharoor-adjective’ work he had created. Based on how his heartbeats change by listening to the music, the visuals change on the screen. I am definitely going to have a long chat with him sometime in the coming weeks.

The below are some comments we read on a few sites by different artists from across the globe

“When you're mixing these very abstract linguistic structures with this very physical response, there is something very lateralized going on, you have this very spatial reasoning meshing with this very linguistic reasoning.” - on MixMag

“As an audience member, it doesn't matter if you don't know what "(callback (*metro* (+ beat (* .95 (car ds)))) 'bassline (+ beat (car ds))" means, as long as it sounds good.” - on ABC News

“Live coders write computer programs live, while the programs generate their music, but the focus is on people dancing and seriously enjoying themselves" - on Party For The People

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