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If not doodling, I'll be doing something rather popularly mundane like working at a bank.

We love Alicia, we love her illustrations, we love her products, we love her Instagram page,

we love Henry-Oats, we love Charlie and we also share her love for a bag of chips!

Kalakaar Interview | Alicia Souza - Illustrator

Alicia is truly spreading happiness online and offline through her products and her illustrations.

We had a very interesting chat with Alicia recently, check it out.

1. Alicia, what is the story behind your name?

There was a show called ‘That’s Incredible’ when I was little and we had a recording of a few episodes. On it, there was this little girl who was a bit ‘genius-y’ and could recite Shakespeare and read the newspaper at 2 years old. I was named after her. I think my parents were ever hopeful about the genius part, haha!

(This is THE little girl I was named after)

2. What is that one thing which you need while an idea pops your mind?

My phone or my diary and a pencil to write it down because I have an awful memory.

3. While creating a piece of art, what music do you listen to keep yourself inspired?

Depending on what I’m drawing, my mood or the time of the year, it can fluctuate from jazz to country music to oldies to Christmas carols.

4. If not a doodler who else you would be?

Realistically, something rather popularly mundane like working at a bank.

5. While doodling is trending, and there are many doodle artists & illustrators coming up with their work, how do you plan or strategize to keep your content unique?

Everyone’s thoughts are different and if you just drew your thoughts, your content is automatically different. If you end up browsing too much, your thoughts will reflect that. Try to do different things, think and do.

6. While you have a great online presence & a good demand for your products, what is it which you still think can be improved?

Every single thing can always be improved. I can pinpoint a million little things from every aspect of my work that can be better but sadly with only 24 hours in a day and a prioritised ‘non-work’ life, I can only do so much.

7. What is your idea of a team and how do you hire people?

So because I work from home, I sadly don’t get to work with my team on a daily basis and also am not involved with the hiring. My partner handles that bit. But I think a good team is one of the individuals with the same goal, different ideas and makes the workplace a better place by being part of the team.

8. What Artists do you look upto?

Any and all artists who do their work diligently.

9. While uploading & maintaining a theme for your online profile, how do you satisfy your own creative hunger?

My online presence is an extension of me so I don’t really have to think much about it or curate it in any way. So it definitely is a place that also showcases errors, trials and creative vomit.

10. What is that one question which has not been asked to you yet?

Can you describe how much you love food?

Sadly I’ve not been asked this and it may be a good thing because I get into novel-writing mode even thinking about it.

Isn't it amazing how Art can spread happiness in such unique and creative ways? We get to speak to various artists everyday and it just fills our heart with pleasure & happiness to be part of today's art industry.

Alicia, we can't thank you enough for sharing your insights with our fam.

Connect with Alicia on her website and Instagram.

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