I think authenticity is more important than uniqueness.

When it comes to the world of content creators, we all know the humor Ankush Bahuguna brings through his content and let's admit we are all fans. We recently got a chance to connect and know more about what his world looks like, scroll down to know.

1. When did you make the decision to become an Actor?

Two years ago. I had already acted in a few videos and I knew I really, really loved being in front of the camera for a while but didn't have the courage to say out loud that I wanted to be an actor. But two years ago, I decided I wanted to invest all my time building myself as an actor and content creator.

2. How challenging was it for you to get your first acting assignment?

Getting my first acting assignment wasn't challenging at all, actually. Most actors decide to be an actor and then look for assignments. With me, I got an assignment first and then realized I really wanted to become an actor. But the challenging part was to be able to play 7 different characters in the same comedy sketch, which was my first acting gig in life!

3. While there are many content creators present online, how do you strategize to make your content unique?

I try not to define my content. I try not to think too much about whether or not it's "unique" particularly. I stick to what comes naturally to me, what I feel like creating, what is true to my sense of humor. I don't think your uniqueness shows in any one thing that you do, it shows over time, in the way you do things, the tone your comedy has and the overall appeal you build with a lot of these short 1-minute videos. I'm not here to prove that I'm unlike anyone else out there, I'm just here finding humor in my day to day life. I think authenticity is more important than uniqueness.

4. You write scripts for short films, what inspires you to write these stories?

To be very honest, there's so much snacky, 1-minute content that I create every day, I sometimes crave writing longer forms of content. Because even though most people know me as a content creator, I'm also an actor. And there's no bigger motivation than to get a chance to play amazing characters that are not necessarily funny or amusing. I mostly get inspired by real people around me, as far as characters are concerned.

5. What was the idea or inspiration behind this popular online character “Pankaz”?

It started with a fluke, I'd say. The first video was received quite well and Apoorva (the director of everything Pankaz) and I just went with the flow and created more content. With time, we added more and more layers to him and tried to make some commentary through him. He's got a nasal voice, he lives in a not-so-posh area, he has weird hair, he's not great at English. He's basically everything that would make a person a misfit in today's world and yet, he refuses to be a misfit. 'Pankaz' is all about being unapologetically yourself and being proud of who you really are. He has all the reasons to be laughed at and yet, you can't mess with him. He is the level of confidence I'd aim for in life!

6. What is your usual process of creating a story?

I look at something that interests me. Then I think of how I can make it relatable to as many people as possible. I add jokes that I think will work. And I weave a plot around it.

7. Your mom is an actor, does she gives you acting tips?

No, it's actually the other way round! Since I'm the one scripting and shooting our videos, I'm constantly directing her!

8. While creating a piece of art, what music do you listen to to keep yourself inspired?

I actually can't work with music playing in the background. I get distracted. But in general, Bollywood is my ultimate jam.

9. You have a good online presence and an audience to cater your craft, what is it which you think can be improved?

I think I could be more informed about issues that I sometimes can't talk about only because I don't know much about them. Not very proud of it.

10. Who all are your favorite Content Creators?

They keep changing. Every day I discover new people. I think what Komal Pandey does is pretty incredible! Love how innovative she is in fashion.

11. The last movie which really inspired you?

A star is born inspired me to sing which isn't great news for the world haha!

12. What are your guilty pleasures?

Of the ones, I can mention publicly, stalking people on Instagram and dancing to the weirdest Bollywood songs.

13. What would you like to have with us Chai or Coffee?

Nimbu Paani, if you'd make me some!

We are grateful to Ankush for taking out time to answer these questions and we hope to connect for a bigger project in the future.

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