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A Podcast For Aspiring Musicians : Beyond The Live Room

With 700,000 podcasts and 29 million podcast episodes out there, Its safe to say the podcasting industry has really blown up. Podcasting is a great medium to share ideas through candid conversations which have the potential to educate listeners.

But the omnipresence of content has overwhelmed listeners who are surrounded by success stories and “hustle” culture. This is doubly true for upcoming artists who are discouraged by the long road ahead of them. The importance of understanding the back end process that make great artists who they are needs to be underscored.

Our team at Beyond The Live Room decided to rethink the whole podcasting model from the ground up. The primary goal right from the get go was to have a genuine conversation with people from India’s rapidly growing music industry; individuals who have seen it grow over the years. We believe their experience will provide upcoming artists with a road map to follow, a blueprint for the dynamically changing music scene.

About BTLR:

Beyond the Live Room is a podcast that helps you understand the artist behind the art.

The idea was initially conceptualized by our team at Gray Spark Audio for artists to share their recording experience. But we soon realized that there was so much more to learn from their journey. The Indian music industry is in its nascent stages, and there’s no real road map that guides aspiring musicians.

With everyone in the industry lauding outcomes, we thought it might be refreshing to understand the processes that have shaped the most dynamic individuals in the Indian music industry.

Listen in as they talk to them about their journey, their struggles, their vision for themselves and the music scene, and so much more.

Episode #1:

For the first episode of Beyond the Live Room, we are joined by Kaustubh Dhawale aka Koco from the band Agnee.

He was nice enough to invite us to his place, and it turned out to be a beautiful evening which we spent talking about his creative journey, the importance of artistic risk-taking and changing with the times, Bollywood, the joys of fatherhood and much more.

This is a guest blog by Gray Spark Audio for our November Indie Music Feature that we are curating on our Instagram page.

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