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Blogging in the age of social media, When We Met Richa Singh.

In this week's episode of When We Met Podcast by Platform For Artists, we talk to Richa Singh, the Co-Founder and CEO of Blogchatter. You can listen to When We Met podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Hubhopper, Gaana, Anchor or any other podcast app or even watch it on Platform For Artists's YouTube channel

The below piece is written by Deepannita Kundu about When We Met Podcast.

“A lot of IG influencers use the word ‘blogger’ because they do understand that it is a more serious connotation for their body of work” - Richa Singh

About the Guest

Richa describes herself as an Entrepreneur. She feels the word entrepreneur captures the essence of everything she does, whether it's enterprising on things, or building a community. She is a blogger, Co-Founder and CEO of Blogchatter. Apart from that, she is also a qualified engineer.

Blogchatter: an outstanding creative and entrepreneurial journey.

Richa felt that the international blogging community was doing far better than the community in India, there was a void in perspective in terms of approaching content in an “all-encompassing way”. Richa decided to start Blogchatter to fill this gap and start a conversation. “I just wanted to build a platform where people could learn at any age, experience, walk of life” says Richa.

In the initial days, the community grew at a faster pace than expected, Richa approached the community with the assumption that people are aware of the creation of content and her main focus was enabling people to market their content better. But as the content community became more diverse in terms of platforms, people started adapting to newer formats. Bloggers don’t necessarily create text-oriented content but they also create videos and podcasts, thus Richa hopes to provide the assistance and direction that creators need in finding the type of content and medium that suits them.

How important is blogging in the age of social media?

According to Hubspot, there are 600 million active blogs globally in 2020. Richa says it correctly that “contrary to what people like to believe blogging is thriving a lot more in today’s world”.

In her words, a lot of the content ecosystem revolves around what brands want and where they are willing to invest. Blogging is the third most preferred content market strategy after videos and e-books. In fact, according to data from 2018, 55% of marketers listed blogging as their top priority. Blogs can result in a 434% increase in indexed pages and companies with blogs produce an average of 67% more leads than companies without blogs. These statistics are a clear indicator of the sustained and growing interest blogs hold not only in terms of content but also in terms of commerce.

Long-form content is here to stay, this is also evident from the fact that people are willing to pay for newsletters and information-heavy articles. The same stands true for blogs where people are willing to interact with niche content to gain information.

What is Blogging?

Blogging contrary to popular belief is not just about writing or creating content, that's merely one-half of the process. Blogging also entails a lot of technical work be it SEO optimisation, conceptualising the design, strategising, or marketing the content that you create. Richa gives us a formula to lay back on, “creating content is only 40% of the job and everything else is 60%”.

Is traditional media suffering due to digital media?

Mainstream media has played a crucial role in forming an opinion around the country and disseminating information as well as providing entertainment over the years. It was the main source of content for years for the ordinary Indian individual and the advent of social media has brought a change in the consumption pattern of people. But if we claim that digital media is to be blamed for the downfall of traditional media then we are downplaying the actual forces at play here. As Richa says that while discussing traditional media it is important to consider “ what have you been doing in the last 10 years in terms of innovation, have you given the mike to the grass-root reporter? Take away the mike from the prime time anchors and give it to them, there might be a renewed energy among the consumers”. What are the tips for upcoming bloggers?

Whether it is blogging or any other artistic pursuit it is important to remember that, there are already 1000s of creators putting out the same content as you are, so why would the audience choose you over them? Authenticity is the answer. You have to be your truest self, embrace your personality along with your work. You can bring something new to the table only when you are being You. Remember, people don’t buy products or services, they buy stories. They will invest their time and money in your stories and experiences and not just your content.

Richa also suggests, “ ask for help, people are extremely cooperative in blogging communities” and remember the 40-60 rule!

Lastly, create small deadlines for yourself this will help you in staying consistent with your work and help you create more.

What quitting your job and being an entrepreneur looks like?

Pawan recalls how he refrained from informing his parents for 2 months that he quit his job. Starting as an entrepreneur is a daunting task, especially if you are leaving behind the security and stability of your 9-5 job. But when you are passionate about something it is worth taking that risk. Passion and ambition don’t always make sense to onlookers and well-wishers, but when you have that burning desire and will in your heart you should certainly take that risk at least once in your life. To listen to the full conversation with Richa Singh Co-Founder & CEO of BlogChatter, tune into When We Met Podcast by Platform For Artists.

You can also listen to When We Met podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Hubhopper, Gaana, Anchor or any other podcast app or even watch it on Platform For Artists's YouTube channel. For any questions or suggestions feel free to DM us on Instagram @platformforartists

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