• Atharva Karkhanis

Chhall - a gripping psychological drama full of intrigue.

Cast: Sumeet Raghvan, Milind Gunaji

Director: Abhishek Gunaji, Sandeep Bankeshwar

Producers: Era Pawar and Devyani Pawar

Genre – Paranormal Psychological Drama

Production House – ERP Productions In Association with DP Mediaaholics

“Chhall” starts with a lady who comes across a suspicious suitcase and makes a phone call. Then we see, inspector Kadam preparing to interrogate the suspect Aatmik, while the inspector observes Aatmik through the monitor. The conversation between Sumeet Raghvan’s character Aatmik Joshi the suspect and Milind Gunaji’s character as Inspector Pradeep Kadam will keep you glued to the screen the entire time. Within the first few minutes, I realized that I have to pay close attention to everything that Aatmik Joshi is doing and saying. Sumeet Raghvan’s acting is so brilliant that there was a constant conflict in my head on whether Aatmik Joshi is guilty or innocent, but at the back of my mind, also ringed the word ‘peculiar’. I was constantly changing my opinion about Aatmik Joshi until the very last minute. Through the course of the film, Aatmik Joshi even drops a metaphorical philosophy bomb that makes you think. I loved how the story unfolds one detail at a time. The story does indeed put Aatmik Joshi in a very peculiar situation. Milind Gunaji plays the character of Inspector Pradeep Kadam very convincingly. He has prepared thoroughly for the interrogation and knows the suspect is guilty. But not all is what it seems.

I was continuously trying to speculate how the movie is going to end, but as the plot unfolded, my speculations were proven wrong. It's that feeling when you watch a thriller where you knew the suspense yet did not see it coming.

The word “Chhall” means trick - a scheme intended to deceive or outwit someone making it the most suitable title for the film.

One of the best aspects of film making is that one can express countless ideas within 20-25 minutes and a single set. Such is the short film ‘Chhall- Aatmik Joshi’s Peculiar Situation’ directed by Abhishek Gunaji and Sandeep Bankeshwar, produced by Era Pawar and Devyani Pawar, starring Sumeet Raghvan and Milind Gunaji.

The title track also called ‘Chhall’ sung by Sonu Nigam is composed and written by Sandeep Bankeshwar. The song and the lyrics go very well with the whole plot and mood of the film. When Sonu Nigam sang “Yeh Zindagi Hai Ek Chhall” I felt it!

Some films need your complete attention from the first minute to the last and this is one of them. Go to this link, close all the other tabs, put your phone aside and watch this short film. Do watch out for the quote that comes up in the end perfectly summing up the short film

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