#CoronaVirus song by Tejas Gambhir hits the spot.

COVID-19 has changed the course of everyone’s life in the past few weeks and the situation is quite tense currently. While it is a topic of concern, the internet has played a vital role in keeping the masses informed and aware of what is coming our way.

A Pune-based Independent musician, singer, songwriter - Tejas Gambhir - made a song that went viral yesterday all over the internet. Vidya Balan, Arbaaz Khan, Raghu Dixit, Amit Kumar, Aziz Naseer and thousands of netizens shared the video on Instagram and Facebook which made it reach millions of people within 24 hours.

Song shared by actor Arbaaz Khan

You can listen to the complete song here

People have particularly applauded him for the lyrics - "Ab kaha hai wo saare? Hindi aur Muslim. Jab jaan pe aayi, toh darr raha har insaan." where he has tried to make everyone understand how the virus has affected people irrespective of whether they are Hindu or Muslim. This is the time where we need to understand that to fight something this big, we need to come together as humans first.

While in conversation with Tejas, he mentioned ‘All my gigs and events for the next two months got canceled and I made this song to express myself. It happened within three hours - I composed, practiced and recorded it overnight. I understand everyone is panicking currently and have different ways of expressing themselves I chose Art to express my feelings!’

About the artist - Tejas Gambhir has been pursuing singing since he was 4 years old. He has taken professional training and holds a master’s degree in Indian Classical Music. Tejas has performed at more than 300 gigs in the past four years and has connected with hundreds through the power of his compositions.

Meet the composer and singer - Tejas Gambhir

You can connect with Tejas Gambhir and check his work on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

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