I am intrigued by layering -- things and elements synthesized to form a new meaning.

Artist of UNSEEN 2.0 - Devki Modi Jain | Visual Artist

UNSEEN 2.0 is an unconventional form of exhibition which is a digital art exhibition curated by Platform For Artists . This enables artists across the country to participate, showcase their work and connect with like minded people. The entire idea is to broaden the scope of exposure which the artists would probably not get at an offline event. We have sixty diverse artists from across the country who are a part of this one of it's kind art exhibition.

Here is a set of questions team Platform For Artists asked Devki about her everyday routine, her art interests and more.

Tell us about yourself.

I am an independent artist living and working in Mumbai exploring the mediums of painting, video, animation and installation. I pursued my undergraduate studies at Chelsea College of Art and Design, London and Masters in Fine Arts at the School of Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University, Boston. Living and working in these cities has exposed me to the different cultures and art of all these places.

I am a recipient of the Dana Pond Award for displaying exemplary work in painting. She has exhibited her work at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston's William Morris Hunt Memorial Library, Barbara and Steven Grossman Gallery and Media Arts Gallery, Emerson College.

What are your art interests?

I am interested in Indian and World art history, culture, tradition, architecture, Indian art and craft techniques, spirituality, questions of identity post-coloniality and everyday life .

I am intrigued by layering -- things and elements synthesized to form a new meaning. Not only does my art work explore and re-examine these notions but also challenges them through translation and transformation.

My vision as an artist is to let the viewer experience the inter-relationship between multiple cultures, past-present, old-new and traditional-contemporary, all coming together in one space. I aspire to create art that is accessible to everyone. I wish to bring a positive change through my art pieces where in people can celebrate the differences within themselves, in the society and in the world around them. I want them to view their lives as an amalgamation of all the different pieces of their experiences, knowledge and teachings.

What are your views about the current scenario of art in our country?

Currently I feel that India is entering a space wherein creating and exhibiting art is very interesting and challenging at the same time. With the help of social media and other online platforms it is becoming very easy for young and emerging artists to attract opportunities and gain audience. At the same time, it provides access to art trends and exhibitions happening all around the world.

Traditional arts and crafts have influenced Indian artists and fashion since a very long time however, I feel that currently there is a revival of these forms being juxtaposed with the modern and contemporary influences of our times.

What are your working on currently?

Currently I am working on a few things simultaneously. Along with working on a Pichwai painting that I began sometime ago I am also researching for a new project based on the art deco movement in Mumbai for a series of paintings and videos.

I am also excited about creating my own hand-made paper to paint on; something I learnt recently (but have been meaning to since a very long time) after attending a workshop on how to make recycled hand-made paper.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I am inspired by the city I live in or travel to. The tradition and culture of the past and present of the city play an integral in defining the identity and experience of an individual.

Apart from that I also get my inspiration from day to day life occurrences, everyday objects, cooking, reading and experiencing architecture, the process and materiality of art and my religious practice of the Hindu Vaishnava sect of the Path of Grace.

Which kind of artists would you be interested to collaborate with?

I would like to collaborate with textile artists, block-print makers, video artists, animations. Apart from that I am open to collaborating with any artist with whom I strike a meaningful conversation and who would be open to experimenting with new ideas, mediums and possibilities.

What's the first thing you do when you wake up ?

Depends on the day but most times check my phone.

Which is the most used app in your phone?

Kindle, Instagram and Whatsapp

Which is the one song you can't get out of your head?

Sun is shining by Axwell x Ingrosso


Instrumental santoor music

You de-stress by?

I sometimes destress by sitting in my studio and going through all the work I have created, reading a book, going for a swim, listening to music on a swing or sitting in a room with scented candles.

You can check more of her artwork on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/platformforartists/

To connect with Devki ,connect with her on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/devkimj.art/

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