'Don't freelancers work for free?' is the weirdest question asked to me says Doodleodrama.

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Kalakaar Tuesday | Doodleodrama | Mounica Tata

Platform For Artists is a community of artists across the country where we bring & showcase various creative people online & on offline platforms. Our idea is to avail a medium & platform for various artists.

We at PFA truly believe in bringing up as much relatable art content as we could, and Kalakaar Tuesday is one such initiative where we portray & bring you the stories of your favourite artists.

The idea of “Kalakaar Tuesday” was introduced by Kshitija when all of us at Art Studio went for an evening Chai. It seemed like a very interesting & inspiring idea because this will give an insight of an Artist’s story behind the success & journey of how they made it happen for themselves.

This Sunday we got to have a candid conversation with Doodleodrama where she spoke to us about how she started her doodling career and what drives her to create this massive online presence & love for her illustrations among so many wonderful people!

Below are the highlights of the amazing conversation we had with Mounica the other day:

1. Tell us about yourself.

I am a freelance cartoonist, illustrator, and a story teller: I am Mounica Tata and it’s been 30 years that I have been making this world a happier place.

I am a self-taught artist & I’ve been freelancing for 3 years now. I studied Commerce and then did my masters in Mass Communication. I worked a handful of jobs from 2013 to 2016 as an assistant editor for an online college magazine, content writer, and client executive.

2. Why the name 'Doodleodrama'?

It was a very spur of the moment decision when I was about to start my Facebook page. Because I was always doodling about everyday life drama and I love everything round, hence: doodle-O-drama. The name stuck!

3. What your illustrations usually talking about?

Everyday life. Anything and everything that catches my attention, that I think would make for a great story. Anything that moves me or evokes any emotion in me, it can be food, emotions, or the very society we live in.

4. How did you develop a style and when did you know that you want to be a comic illustrator?

I don’t think I’ve found my style yet. I am constantly experimenting and exploring. Style changes with time and it’s good to practice and experiment till you find something that speaks to you. I’ve always enjoyed drawing but I didn’t think of it as a career option, until 2016 when I decided to quit my job and give freelancing a shot. I always believe that if you don’t try, you’ll never know! I realized that there’s a market for my stories. While people relate to these stories, brands want to reach out to their audiences via these stories. That’s when I knew that there’s potential in these 4 odd panel comics!

5. You have always had a strong voice and opinion about several topics which need to be openly discussed. Do you ever have second thoughts about putting it out?

I don’t believe in self censorship but having said that, it’s important to understand how I craft my opinions. I always want to leave gaps for people to come fill it in with their perspective/opinions/experiences. That’s how we all grow and how our art will grow.

6. Which is the weirdest question you have been asked recently about your work?

I think the weirdest question will always be, don’t freelancers work for free?

7. How do Sir Leo and Captain Ollie help in your work?

My peppers are my lifeline. They keep me sane and cheerful. Regardless of how their day goes, they always wake up hopeful, everyday. That in itself is such a big life lesson! Their fluff and cute looks are a bonus!

8. Apart from drawing, what do you do in your free time?

I love to sing. Sometimes I like to cook and read too.

9. How would you describe your life as a freelancer?

It’s not as glamorous and fancy as a lot of people believe it to be. Don’t be fooled by the Instagram stories. It’s as regular as anybody’s day! Yes, quieter on most days for sure because I work alone. But other than that, it’s the same hustle. I am privileged and very humbled that I get to make a living out of what I love doing but on most days it feel like work. The hustle, the ups and downs, the disappointments, the late hours, the client drama. etc

10. How does your surrounding influence your stories?

My surroundings play a very significant part in my stories. That’s where I derive all my ideas and inspiration from. It’s what’s happening around us, how we choose to react, how things make us feel, are we empathetic or apathetic, all of this forms the crux of my work.

11. If you were to publish an entire comic book with your life stories, what would its title be?

Ha! Wow. Maybe it’ll be titled- Winning it. But winning crossed out and on top is scribbled- Winging (it).

12. Which was the most memorable project you have worked on?

I’ve had the pleasure to work with some amazing people and I think the one project that’s really close to my heart is a card game I helped develop for World Vision. This card game called WACI (war against children issues) is a set of 50+ cards that talk about issues that affect children (as the name suggests). It was challenging and I learnt a lot.

13. What is your fuel - Chair or Coffee?

I drink both. But if I had to pick, I’d pick coffee. Always!

14. One podcast that changed the way you look at life.

Guilty feminist

15. Books that you would like to recommend our readers.

- Big Magic

- Art & fear

- You might be an artist if

Connect with Doodleodrama | Mounica Tata here : www.doodleodrama.com

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