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An open letter to clients from a freelancer.

Dear Clients,

Did you know that deep inside we want to charge an actual price for all the efforts we put into the project you assign to us? But over and over again, we stop ourselves from quoting that price because we fear of losing this project. There is this constant question that revolves around in the mind of artists like us – “What if there is a dead-end after this U-turn?” And that’s the reason why we never take that U-turn and redefine the worth of the potential we hold inside our brain.

Did you know that we wanted money in exchange for the work, not exposure? But we settled for it because you promised millions of views and great insights to us. We really wanted to express how our electric bills and room rents cannot be paid by the exposure you promise us. We really wanted to tell you that our landlord won’t understand the insights that our work will receive from the digital platform. Even though my mind showed me the reality, my heart assumed that at least one out of a million will want to give me a project. And I settled for all that you had to offer me!

Did you know that we feel anxious at the end of every project, especially now when times are full of uncertainty? Submission of final work or delivery of the product doesn’t really