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A road trip to Goa with my siblings.

A road trip to Goa in December sounds like a perfect gang plan but is it the same when you are on a road trip with your siblings?

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The story, characters, and incidents portrayed in this blog are real. The situations are exaggerated for cinematic effects. Identification with actual persons (living), places, buildings, and products can be intended or inferred.


When was the last time you traveled with your siblings?

No, I am not talking about those annual family vacation you took with your parents where everything was hunky-dory and you travelled on an itinerary. No, not those summer vacations. I am talking about the trips you took minus them, after adulting!

So, this year Diwali came in early during the month of October and I had to skip my birthday vacation, kyunki Bhaidooj hai! It has been a ritual to escape during birthdays and spend some time out of the city which I thought I had to miss this time. But pat comes the reply,

“Why not we go for a vacation?” the elder brother pops the question.

A long contemplating look and I think it’s not a bad idea at all. Birthday celebrations combined with Bhaidooj! I ring up the younger one and tell him we are going for a mini vacation, keep yourself free! Being the enthusiastic teenager that he is, he jumps in with agreement at the plan.

So where do we go? A 3 day trip it is, because life has timelines after you get a job and you have to get back to work once you return. Hence, after a lot of yeses and no’s, back and forth on decisions -we settle on Goa!

How innovative, right? Actually if you see, Goa is always a safe choice when nothing seems to fit into the plan!

(Hereafter, the elder sibling is Kabir, the younger one- Prithvi)


Last night: After the Diwali shenanigans, the younger one instructs us: we have to leave at sharp 4 in the morning to reach Kolhapur by 8, have breakfast so that we are in Goa by 12 pm to soak in the sun at the beach shack!

Present situation:

He is fast asleep probably dreaming about the calamari rings and King’s. On the other hand, the impulsive traveller in me wakes up, ready to leave at 4, sitting all pumped up in the living room. I barge into the rooms to wake the brothers up.

If they have forgotten, I remind them that we have to fill the fuel and check the car tyres.

Walking lazily out of the bed, they look at me with the ‘Do we really have to go?’ face. I gulp it down and walk out of the room.

45 minutes later we are on the road!

I am sitting behind, to be precise lying down! All thanks to my petite genes, I fit snugly into the backseat like I would on the couch. Kabir, taking charge is on the wheels and Prithvi looking into the rear view mirror while adjusting his hair!

Prithvi: Browsing through the radio channels only to stop at some Badshah number. The elder sibling is disappointed!

The unsaid rule says: play the music which the driver likes to avoid making him feel sleepy! Kabir shuffles the radio, finds none of his taste. Switches to Bluetooth and starts his own playlist.

Now, I know we all love certain kind of songs and listen to them on loop. But Lucky Ali and Prateek Kuhad (P.S. I love both the musicians) throughout the journey? To Goa? At 6 in the morning? None of us have had our hearts broken to go deep down in cold/mess or 100 words or none had a girl last night to listen to gori teri aankhen kahe. Oh!!Boy in my case!

The boys continue to argue about the choice of music with several stops in between to check the tyre kiosk! Apparently one of the tyres is punctured! We halt at a service station and wake the guy up to check the tyres.

I want to pee badly. Yes, I did pee twice before leaving home but I have a small bladder! I go around dancing to see if there is any washroom or a huge tree!

The service guy directs me towards the washroom!

Trust me the best 10 seconds of your life are after you squat to pee.

The younger one to Kabir while I am returning: She thinks she is Sonam Kapoor. Wearing ripped jeans with that loose shirt. We are travelling, wouldn’t something simple as track pants do?

I see the ‘such a show off’ look on his face. Well, he does make a point! But I love jeans and it’s comfortable and super stylish! So why not look better while being easy! You know what I mean! ( In Sonam’s tone)

I am tossing right and left while laying down and the boys manage to have a smooth drive!

Tip: no discussion about the music that’s playing!

The breakfast is at a small restaurant on the Bangalore highway. Our famished selves gulp down the food in no time. The brothers order coffee, I give it a miss. I do not want to stop the car again due to pressure issues!

Kabir walks around groggily, courtesy the sumptuous meal. That leaves me with no option but to sit next to the younger one who is now going to lead.

Another tip: if you don’t know how to drive, entertain! That’s the only job you got while on a road trip!

Sitting next to the driver you got to be a multitask-er!

You are the DJ, you have to keep a check on the maps and you have to talk, constantly. Also take countless videos,so that one finally goes to the gram, boomerang your way through the journey so that you have some cool moments to flaunt and yes be this impatient person who asks the driver to watch the potholes. No idea why, but that’s mandatory I guess.

So while I am good at all of the above, I am terrible with directions. Even if I have to assist Google maps! Yes, that bad! No wonder we miss the ‘thali’ place in Sawantwadi. Because there are two of them and we happen to stop at the wrong one despite the endless landmark hints.

Prithvi: Now I stop directly in Goa! Lunch at the resort.

I slept quite well since we were on the highway. But now that we were driving through the villages, the roads were in pretty bad shape (unstoppable rains this year blessed with cyclone Kyarr), we were having quite the bumpy ride. But we don’t blame the roads, do we?

Kabir from the backseat: Can you drive a little less recklessly? Maybe then I can sleep and we have the car in good condition for the rest of the journey?

The younger one tries. And another bump! We giggle while our big brother sighs!

I fathom the change in the air. More coconut trees, more Vespas, more uncles in shorts, more tourists. We can smell the sea. Though it’s nowhere to be seen. Yes, we were officially in the Susegad zone!

It was about noon and though we took a couple of halts, we made it in time. Both Prithvi and I have traveled a couple of times here, it was Kabir who frequented this town less often. Intrigued by the new surroundings and like every other Indian whose life revolved around cricket and Bollywood, he made references from the movies and asked about places.

A small flashback!

So Kabir was quite busy since he had the Diwali events, Prithvi very irresponsible to do the bookings. So it was me who claimed that I travelled more and therefore booked the resort. To be honest, I went by the ratings and the criteria that was thrown at my face.

A resort

Beach facing

Secluded but not much, and no mainstream


While ticking off the first 3 was easy, the last one gave me a tough time!

Ab itne paise mein itna hi milega!

Present situation: Touchdown resort!

One look around the place and it was obvious that the boys weren’t happy. Well, you can’t have all of it! The place was beach facing but it had a lot of families.The room was a bit stuffy for a suite but I guess it was God’s way of telling: Mummy ne nahi sikhaya sharing!

The best part : a private access to the beach! Now I was sold out on this one. And the passage outside the room was beautiful, staring right into the sea. But I did not argue at all!

Kabir while ordering lunch: Dal chawal order kare?

I frown,a big clearly visible frown!

Who eats dal chawal while in Goa?

We snatch the menu out of his hands!

15 minutes later, we are gorging on the delicious fish curry and rice while enjoying the beach view. It’s scorching hot, we realize in no time and then curse the people who said it would be raining dogs as the cyclone has the hit the region.

2 straight hours after lunch: we’re tucked in the bed like sleeping beauties! Yes, we were in GOA!

This was the first part of the story and the next one will be shared on Thursday 19th December. If you loved this one share it with your siblings and tell them to make a Goa plan in December, we hope your Goa plans come to life just like the one above.

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