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A road trip to Goa with my siblings. #2

A road trip to Goa in December sounds like a perfect gang plan but is it the same when you are on a road trip with your siblings?

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15 minutes later, we are gorging on the delicious fish curry and rice while enjoying the beach view. It’s scorching hot, we realize in no time and then curse the people who said it would be raining dogs as the cyclone has hit the region.

Two straight hours after lunch: we’re tucked in the bed like sleeping beauties! Yes, we were in GOA!

While still in bed, Kabir: I don’t want to miss the sunset. Let’s just freshen up.

Prithvi and I jump out of beds and rush to get ready while he is still lazing in the bed.

Fast forward 45 minutes, we’re sitting in the open restaurant of the resort, drinking and watching the gorgeous sunset, Kabir still in the bathroom singing his way to La la land. We joke about the situation, click selfies and solo pictures, sip a few beers and watch the sky change its color from pink to orange. He is yet to make his red carpet appearance. After a while, he comes down and argues to make a move. We instruct him to sit and watch.

“jitna bhi try karo,life mein kuch na kuch chhutega hi…Toh jahaan hai, uska maza lete hai na”

We are outside Thalassa, disappointed to find it shut. They haven’t reopened since the rains lasted longer than usual. Both the brothers yell from the front seat: What have you planned? You should have checked with the places before leaving?

I roll my eyes and throw my hands in the air.

Where should we go next? Both ask in unison. I want to eat at some small roadside cafe, prompts the elder one! Let's just stop by at anyone we see on our way, Prithvi while driving.

We're again listening to Prateek Kuhad on full volume. The younger one has already given up trying. But at least there's an upgrade from cold mess and 100 words to tune Kaha and voh. So all’s chirpy and good.

I look at the busy streets outside. Locals at various places returning from work. Tourists shopping, bar hopping, having conversations with people on the table, drinking beer. The air outside is clean and refreshing. Goa always finds a way to uplift your spirits. We stop at the Burger Factory in Anjuna. The place is beautifully lit with golden lights and chandeliers.

I am starving and so are the boys so we order three burgers having absolutely no idea that the burgers are actually huge! Greed, you see is contagious.

Halfway through them, the elder one and I are literally forcing the burgers down our throat while teenage hogger is relishing his meat. He laughs with his mouth full while we struggle with our food. I give him a pleading look and he agrees to finish my leftover.

I walk around to see the place. The brothers are busy clicking each other's pictures. They hand over the phone to me. 8265 pictures and no idea how many hours later, they finally approve of the photos and I am relieved. I ask them to click mine. Already tired with 2-3 shots, both of them walk away and rush outside to unpark the car! I stand there, embarrassed and furious, the young lad at the billing counter giving me a saucy look. I smile hesitantly and tread out.

At Baga, the beach shacks are not yet reinstated because of the license issue. It was the younger one's idea to come here. He wanted to feel that he was in Goa! I don't know what that means. We're now getting used to the rejections and shutdowns!

We stroll on the main street, the elder one is the happiest and the most excited!

You remember those little kids who asked their mom for everything that they saw in the shop? Yes, the elder one is that little kid left free and wild in the market while we are the mature adults! Kabir is trying out clothes in the shop while both of us pretend to be interested in shopping, the lady knows we aren't buying anything but is at it trying to convince us. The elder one falls for it! He walks out of the shop with 2 shirts, shorts, and harem pants! The lady does her job well, we exchange sarcastic glances.

We stop using our brains, well you saw what happened while we did so we lock on Antares which is right next to our resort to spend the rest of the night and ring in the birthday!

Those who have visited the Vagator region know that Antares is quite a party lover's place. Classy interiors, hill resto with a view, stylish and suave people who reveal their true selves when the DJ plays a Punjabi number.

One must agree though, you don't feel like dancing until there's a Hindi blockbuster playing in the background.

We occupy a table in the middle of the most chaotic areas and settle down with Sangria, having lost our appetite after the burgers. An enchanting tarot reader is seated at the entrance. Kabir mesmerized by her, walks and asks her for the rates, quite an expensive fortune teller he realizes. He requests her for a picture. Outright denial. Expensive and uptight!

It was my turn to try next. I must say, if I’d be a boy I would be captivated by her presence. She was quite an aura herself. But denial again. The younger one doesn’t even attempt. He gets back to his Marlboro light and sangria.

Now I know for the fact that drinking games are to be played with your friends, not family!

A lot of secrets spill out, way lot of alcohol goes in and it's a total mess. One pitcher down and Kabir suggests we play the game. I smell something fishy! Is this his way of getting out the truth? Well, I could lie depending on the depth of the questions but there's no fun in that!

We do start with the game and some unbelievable truths come out but it’s awkward!

I make excuses to go to the ladies' room and distract them from the neighboring tables. Like when did drinking games become comfortable enough to play with the family!

The boys are at it though and I become the mute spectator enjoying the show.

We realize we’ve been drinking for a while now. So we return to our resort, 5 mins away, and sit again drinking cheap beer at the bar. It’s almost midnight when Maa rings in.

“Happy birthday”, she wishes from the other end.

It is then that the brothers understand that it's my birthday, officially.

On the other hand, I can hear Maa waking up dad to wish me! In the middle of another hilarious conversation - Dad in his sleep asks Maa who is on the phone at this hour. She asks him to wish me, he obliges, sends in birthday wishes and then immediately wishes goodnight.

30 seconds and the phone is done! Basically, I am no phone person so I love it when people keep it short. I don’t mind at all if they do not call.

The next moment I see the waiter bringing in a chocolate pastry decorated with banana slices! I look at the pastry and then look at the brothers and back at the pastry again and then at the waiter. I try to understand the design and the aesthetics of it while the brothers are totally clueless. We ignore it and go back to the cutting ceremony. I swallow it! Terrible but that's the only available dessert.

29.10.19 7 am

Kabir while standing in the alley,

"Sea's overrated and so are sunrises", gets inside and hides under the blanket.

We laugh unbelievably. He was the one who was so adamant about Goa. With despair, we leave the room to soak in some sun and lie on the sand.

The beach was secluded with only a few guests from the resort. Now, this is what I enjoy- if you come to a beach, you'd rather have it to yourself than share it with 500 other people.

We sit down by the shore and take in the freshness and humidity of the sea.

A little later, Kabir walks towards us:

“What do we have to do now? Watch the waves?”

By this time, we’ve given up on him.

Today's itinerary is sorted! Since the elder one wants to do some touristy things: so we're having breakfast at Artjuna, heading to Panjim to the famous church, walking in the lanes of Fontainhas, having food at a local cafe!

On our way to Artjuna:

I forget about the maps for a fraction of a second and here we are at a junction waiting to turn right or left. The brothers confused, asking for directions, I fumble and the traffic police who is supposed to be somewhere on the main road is in some hideous lane to cash out the tourists!

The brothers turn behind with a disgusting face!

“Why don’t you navigate then”, I answer in retaliation! Apparently, the brothers weren't wearing their seat belts! Lo! And I was being blamed!

A little convincing and begging and puppy and students kinda face, we manage to get out of the mess! The map now with Prithvi, I am relieved of the pressure!

Artjuna is a beautiful cafe run by a set of locals and foreigners. No wonder it has a European feel to the place. They brew delicious coffee and make really drool-worthy bread and baguettes. Some hand paintings, wooden furniture, and antiques for sale adorn one side of the cafe. It feels like time moves at its own pace in Artjuna. People have ample time to laze around, nowhere to go or rush, enough space for leisure and to get some reading done or work on some content.

After a lip-smacking breakfast, we head in the direction of Panjim. It's a 45 min drive where you get to witness the various shades of this tropical land. The city interiors, the simplistic villages on the outskirts, open lands and farms, the developing infrastructure and tall coconut trees and narrow curved roads, plenty of them.

Panjim is a bustling and colorful town, a major attraction for the tourists during the day. We stop at the Lady of Immaculate conception church as per the demand. It's noon and the sun's right overhead! We're dripping with sweat!

We stand at the steps outside the church, one look at it and Kabir makes a comeback.

“Why is Bollywood obsessed with this church? What’s exciting about it?” I point out at the tourists who are engrossed in clicking pictures, sitting on the steps overlooking the main road, sipping coconut water and doing the most touristy things one can imagine. He is still not convinced.

We are done here! Where next?

This was the second part of the story and the next one will be out soon. If you loved this one share it with your siblings and tell them to make a Goa plan in December, we hope your Goa plans come to life just like the one above.

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