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Here is our October Playlist

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

After a week long Instagram campaign to talk about Indie Music scene in India, here we are sharing the 15 songs we featured as a part of #PFAIndieMusicWeek

You could check the entire playlist on Spotify

1. Born in Delhi by The Revisit Project

2. Yehi Zindagi Hai by Sifar band

3. The Warli Revolt by Swadesi Movement

4.Under The Red Sky by Ragnhild

5. The Vibe by The Vinyl Records

6. Wake Up by Hotfix

7. Rest by Sabumusic

8. Chal Pada by Anurag Mishra

9. Bawri by Amritaansh

10. Nee Aara by When Chai Met Toast

11. Madeline by Easy Wanderlings

12. Crawling by The Koniac Set

13. Under the Sea by Apartment Upstairs

14. From one ear to another by Gutslit

15. Midnight Traffic by Shorthand

We hope to share such list every month and make people aware about the indie music scene.


For all the musicians who filled up the form and we couldn't feature your song, we will keep doing this and hope to share your music with the community in the coming days.

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