Hotfix aka Harish Thakur has redefined Gucci Gang rhythm for us

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Harish Thakur aka Hotfix is a very popular name amongst the Pune hip-hoppers and rap lovers. You will always find this artist at events happening across the city as a performer, as a cheerleader or even as a supporter.

Hotfix has curated and executed multiple events with Platform For Artists in Pune where he has won the hearts of hundreds of people over and over again. His dedication and originality speak for himself. He is a self-made artist who respects and supports others with whatever he can do best.

When he was a part of UNHEARD - a live jam session by PFA, he got featured in Pune Mirror too. This is a very interesting story to hear, you should get in touch with him definitely.

Have you heard - Bholenath by Hotfix on YouTube yet?

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