How are we making the country #UnreadNoMore in 2019?

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

The majority of my time at work goes in brainstorming with the Founder of Platform For Artists about ‘What next?’. I honestly believe that this one question has been the most important factor for us to work on and build the most adventurous projects at PFA. My every single day at work is more of thinking, researching and planning. The execution of an idea is something which has become a skill I have mastered in past one year.

We did the first experiential art show as a part of the one year anniversary of Platform For Artists in April 2018 which was turbulence of creative ideas, emotions, and hardships. I recall it as ‘The dawn of Un-‘ because we have been speeding up with the series of Un- and experimenting with the weirdest of ideas since then. Unseen — an exhibition, Unheard — a live jam session, Unfold — an apartment session are the projects we have brought to life with more than 200 artists in 2018.

While planning the best of the projects, one major concern was there will always be a limit to the number of people who can be a part of it, access it and enjoy it. I have gone to Manali, Goa, and Panchgani in the past year but I always felt the need to connect with more than fifty people for one project. But how would that be possible?

It was a Sunday afternoon where the team was randomly engrossed in a conversation and it just struck like a lightning — ‘Let’s publish a book.’ Now this book was going to be more than just a book because we wanted to go beyond 10,000 artists now. I wanted artists from any and every corner of the country to be a part of PFA and make a difference in their life. That’s how UNREAD was born.

UNREAD is an anthology we are publishing with 100 writers across the country. These 100 writers are some of the biggest community builders like Sharanya Rajgopal from TTT, Foram Shah from Spill poetry, authors like Siddharth Roy, Ajitabha Bose and travel bloggers like Srishti Tehri, Stuti Gupta. Writers who are inspired by these people and who are building their career in literature are also a part of UNREAD and we have the most diverse range of creative minds behind this project.

For someone who is a part of this book, it is more than just getting published in an anthology. This book has a multi-dimensional approach which would benefit the writers in different ways. The writers get a chance to connect with 99 other writers across the country through online as well as offline campaigns scheduled. They will get a chance to perform at the city-tour events, host and manage events in their city.

The launch event is going to be hosted in Pune in late February where we are also inviting Javed Akhtar, Piyush Mishra and his band, Varun Grover, Sudha Menon, and other writers. There all the 100 writers will be present and I can only imagine the level of discussion that will take place at the event. So many writers from UNREAD are my personal inspiration and I never imagined to work with them, but it’s happening.

And it does not end there. It will continue post-launch also. We will go to fifteen different cities each month and host interesting sessions where people from those cities can come together to perform, connect and Unread.

This excitement can definitely not be confined to this one blog. I am going to keep you all updated with the progress. Infact you can just go to on Instagram to check what’s cooking.

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