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How does Tech help Art?

In the world of humanoid robots with citizenship and virtual realities, the field of Arts has seen a tremendous growth. Although, technology has always more talked about in the Science and Engineering streams, artists are also looking at how technology affects their work. Is tech today a catalyst for this reform in the Arts or is it likely to have the opposite impact?

Platform For Artists co-hosted a panel discussion with FC Social to answer the question of How does Tech help Art and what does the future hold for artists. Experts Devyani Pawar and Anokhi Shah shared their insights at this discussion moderated by PFA Founder Pawan Rochwani. Devyani, the CEO and Founder of DP Mediaaholics is a Marketing and Communications specialist with experience of working with notable brands like Mumbai Film Company, Solaris, Marriott and many more. Anokhi, an architect and artist experiments with mediums like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to make art and is an art event curator. The event that was conducted on 30th August 2019 from 4 to 5 PM, witnessed a very diverse audience from writers, freelancing designers, artists working in space to students aspiring to study design.

If you ask Artists today, how tech has helped them, the most popular opinion will be that social media has made it easier for them to display their art and reach out to people who admire their art. The panelists highlighted on how artists can make the most of social media but also how social media can have its limitations. Devyani emphasized on how for artists seeking out paid assignments, it helps in letting the clients know that you existed therefore, creating a brand awareness, but at the end of the day, social media is not as effective as the phone call pitch or meeting them in person. As an artpreneur, Devyani suggested to not be completely dependent on social media but also keep working on traditional marketing methods like the word of mouth. Anokhi expressed her opinion on how social media puts restrictions on how artists feature their art, but on the other hand, some of these constraints can also give artists more opportunities for creativity.

Anokhi, having spent time in Europe, provided her insights on how technologies like AR and VR are being adopted in Europe and where these technologies stand in India. Our country is still gradually accepting and experimenting these tech mediums. AR and VR being comparatively new in India, Anokhi believes that there is a lot of scope and excitement in combining tech and art. Devyani pointed out that many companies in India are already adopting or are looking forward to these technologies since it is the way forward.

This interactive panel discussion saw interesting questions from the audience on how they can grow their reach online, what their take is on job opportunities for artists due to upcoming technologies.

To conclude the event, no matter how advanced the tech is, no amount of machine can replace the creative brain but on the contrary, encourage more creativity.

With social media posing as a medium for artists, the creativity domain has witnessed a new form of art called Content Creation. To know more about Content Creation, we have Viraj Ghelani and Naveen Kukreja joining us at the PFA Art Getaway at Panchgani. To know more click here.

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