How to build a career in Art?

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Eighteen minutes of my recent and first TED talk summed up in three minutes read, I think this should help.

I love to share my experiences, ideas, fuckups with people and if you know me, then you would agree with this. And building a community of creative people for the last two and a half years has taught me and made me what I am today. So this is not just a blog, this is my way of thanking you all by sharing my knowledge with everyone. I believe this would help you if you are planning to, or have already started a career in art.

1. What is Art?

I believe ‘Art is a way of doing things creatively.’ Every individual is an artist whether or not they agree to be one. Art, pursued as passion or profession or both, can be an incredible way of living your life to the fullest. And to begin with, take absolute pride in being called an artist.

'I am an artist and I am proud of it.' recite till it registers in your head.

2. Only efforts bring success, nothing else.

When you want to become something you have to give your 200% effort to make it happen. Mere thoughts and ideas won’t be of any help unless it is complemented by your hard work.

3. Believe in yourself.

When we started Platform For Artists, people thought we were crazy. But we believed in ourselves and that is what made us prove our ideas. We worked on executing craziest of the projects, which at times was hard to explain to the artists and audiences, but that’s a feather in our caps today.

4. The scope is in YOU.

A lot of you might have heard that there is scope in Medical, Engineering, etc. But scope is not in any degree, course or field, it is within you. If you decide and work on something, you will succeed.

5. Why? What? and How? of a business

When you start something, there are three questions you should be able to answer. First, Why is there a need for this product/ service? Second, What will my product/ service be used for? Third, How to sell it? How to market it? How will you target your customers? If you can find these answers, you are good to start.

6. Create Sale-able art

I have come across hundreds of people in the last two years who complain about their work not being appreciated, not getting sold, not fetching money. But one major problem in all this is, to realize that they need to create work which is required in the market.

Now there comes a point where you have to decide whether you want to make art for yourself or for making a career in it which implies it has to fetch money. Because of bread and butter after all. When you plan to earn and make a living out of your career in art, you have to be practical and not emotional.

7. Understand your customer

Before you work on building products or creating art, you should research and analyze your audience/ customer. You should know what they think, what they need and what they want. The best business comes where the customer is the happiest.

8. Tap the opportunities

It is a lie that there is no money in art. But to make money from your art, you have to be a good marketer. You should always be on a hunt for opportunities and be ready to take risks. Risks in terms of experimenting and creating a need for your work.

9. Either become Steve Jobs or take up any other jobs.

If you know me, you know how much I appreciate and worship Steve Jobs. This is not because he built Apple, it is because of who he was and how he lived his life as an entrepreneur. Listen to his Stanford Commencement speech someday and you will realize the simplest truth of life.

There will always be a situation where you will have to make choices and it will be tough to pick a side, but understand why you started and where you intend to reach, you will know what to pick.

This is something I have learned and experienced personally, and it is true that you learn something only when you face it.

You can watch the entire TEDx talk below.

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