Ready to get creative? Asia’s Largest Content Festival, India Film Project, is back!

India Film Project (IFP), Asia’s largest content festival, is back with a bang for its 10th season with its flagship 50-hour filmmaking challenge and so much more.

Unsure of how to spend the rest of your pandemic days? Folks at India Film Project have got you covered. Ensuring that there’s something for everyone, the 10th season of the largest content festival has competitions, workshops from Filmmaking, and Scriptwriting to Design as well as Music. Set to take place between 22nd October to 25th October, this is for the first time since their inception in 2011 that the festival is going all digital. Creating an unforgettable virtual experience, this is an online festival you shouldn’t miss!

Ritam Bhatnagar, the Founder of India Film Project in conversation with Pawan Rochwani on When We Met Podcast, sheds light on all the things that they have in store for us in their upcoming content festival. You can listen to the podcast When We Met on Google Podcast or Apple Podcast or Spotify Podcast or Hubhopper Podcast or Anchor Podcast etc

Speaking about IFP’s flagship 50-hour filmmaking challenge, Ritam says, “Being a creator, experience after a point doesn’t matter. It also depends on how talented you are and how fast you can creatively come up with things and how fresh and raw your ideas are going to be. So we have seen some really amazing fresh talent competing with people who had over 10 years of experience and creating things that brilliant and that’s when we realised that something good is happening here for creators. Something is definitely working. ”

Having followed the motto of ‘Create, Collaborate and Celebrate’ for the past 9 years, this year with the scenarios that prevail, IFP realised it wouldn’t make sense to follow suit just for the sake of doing so. Hence, they decided to try something different.

Overcoming the barriers and challenges that prevail during the pandemic and with everything having to be digitalised, Ritam, noting how different this year has been, spoke of how from doing venue check, this year has been all about platform check.

But the pandemic hasn’t hampered the spirit of creators, he adds. “Because people have used this time to upgrade their skills and become better creators, so this time we are getting thousands of more participations than we usually have been getting. Be it filmmaking challenge, scriptwriting, or even design, where design in terms of entries have never been amongst the highest but there’s been an evident change.”

With their inspiring list of the esteemed jury and panelists, from Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari, Raj & DK, Shubhashish Bhutiani, Atika Chohan, Gaurav Solanki, Hitesh Kewalya, Niren Bhatt, Hussain Haidry, Priya Malik, Aaron Pinto, Raj Khatri, and Vimal Chandran among others, the India Film Project has left no stone unturned to see that this season gets etched in our hearts like all those preceding.

A breeding ground for like-minded creators to unite, support, and join each other in their journeys, India Film Project is the perfect place for you to tap into the recesses of your brain, creatively get your hands dirty and produce something you’re truly proud of.

And we’re all set to get creative, are you?

For more information about the festival line-up, schedule and rules, log on to To listen to the entire conversation, head to the Podcast When We Met by Platform For Artists where you will hear Pawan Rochwani talking to Ritam Bhatnagar about this year's India Film Project Digital Festival. You can listen to it on Spotify or Apple Podcast or Google Podcast or even watch it on YouTube.

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