PFA January 2020 Playlist

The playlist is majorly decided by the song suggestions we get on our Instagram account and this is symbolic to what the community is listening to currently. Some of the songs might be included based on the gigs we have attended recently or will be attending. Some songs might also be included based on what month it is or if we as a Democracy are in difficult times.

You can find all the monthly playlist on our Spotify Account and also checkout our podcast When We Met

1. Lekha by Niteesh

We partnered with Experience Music Festival which is happening in Hyderabad on 18th January and we saw Niteesh in the lineup. We immediately checked out this music and you all should definitely listen to him.

"NITEESH KONDIPARTHI is all set to widen his reach" - Telangana Today

2. Floated by - Peter Cat Recording Co

The song is from their album Bismillah which was released on June 7 2019, but we have attached the video of the song is because this was shot at the vocalist and guitarist of the band Suryakant Sawhney's wedding. When we meet him at FofX 2020 Festival, we will surely ask him how did he manage to do that on his wedding day.

3. Rangeeli by Fiddlecraft

Fiddlecraft is a Indie Pop Band from Pune formed in 2015. Inspired by various cultures, the Band's sound has influences from cities all over India giving it elements of folk, rock, and pop

What we can tell you for sure is that, these guys will skyrocket soon, very soon.

4. How Long? by Sidharth Bendi

Another Hyderabad based singer songwriter that we are going to witness live for the first time at Experience Music Festival is Sidharth Bendi. We prefer listening to the songs by the artists before we go to the gig and you all should checkout his song 'How Long?' from the album 'Lost'

5. Gustaakh by The Local Train

You already know this song and if you don't know, WHY?

'Chand riwazo se yaha likhta hai takdeer Uss buzdil par hasta hai aasmaan'

The video of this song should be watched in today's time definitely, it's made by Plexus team, the same team which created Sacred Games and Gangs of Wasseypur Title Sequence.

6. Hey Mr. Prime Minister by Deepak Peace

You must have probably seen him singing at protests across the country, but Deepak says his music is more of sarcasm than just protest.

After his song 'Hey Mr. Prime Minister' was removed from JioSaavn on a user complaint “utterly disrespectful song with obscene lyrics targeting Modi ji.”, we have an idea for how to not rely on streaming platforms/ social media. Do not put all your eggs in one basket.

We had a conversation with him during General Elections 2019 and you can read that here

The next three songs are included in the list because we heard them live at Serendipity Arts Festival in December 2019 and the music creates a different emotion when you are listening to it live rather than on Spotify.

7. Mat Ro Bache by Dastaan Live

Sabse khatarnak hota hai murda shanti se bhar jana/ tadap ka na hona/ sab sahan kar jana/ ghar se nikalna kaam par/ aur kaam se lautkar ghar jana/ sabse khatarnak hota hai hamare sapnon ka mar jana.

If ever these guys are performing in your city, do not miss that gig. We heard them for the first time in Goa and the performance was musically very unique, the lyrics were alarming and impactful.

It was sad to know that someone from the audience who was a Supreme Court advocate complaint against them for hurting religious sentiment.

"The Serendipity Arts Festival has nothing to do with what they chose to perform. Personally speaking, the artists are free to express themselves, it’s up to the listeners to make sense of it," the curator said.

8. Laakad by Rekha Bhardwaj from Omkara

9. Ab Ke Saawan by Shubha Mudgal

10. Kashmir by The Yellow Diary

We met the entire band when they were in Pune and you could check out this highlight on our Instagram account.

11. Chasing lIght by AWKS

Another band that we are going to watch on the 18th January in Hyderabad at Experience Music Festival is AWKS

Chasing Light from their album ROOH is "A journey of a drowned person, who is chasing light to find the way back, while staying calm."

Some other songs that are in our list which were recommended to us via Instagram DM are

12. Pyar Ke Rang by Swarathma

13. What a Mess by Smalltalk

14. W.I.G.F.Y. by Bowls, Ditty, Karan Singh

Co-Creation and Collaboration is going to be the prime focus at Platform For Artists in 2020 at everything we do. This music list is co created through recommendations, the recent podcast was produced after all the responses shared by you all on JNU Violence and CAA and not only this, the cover design of UNREAD 2020 is created collaboratively by 9 designers! More details on this to be out soon.

For any suggestions or ideas that you want to share, write to Pawan Rochwani on

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