Our society still has no wider acceptance for people opting art as a profession.

Artist of UNSEEN 2.0 - Khyati Solanki | Photographer

Tell us about yourself.

An architecture student living my passion for photography since the past two and a half years.

Trying all the genres of photography be it from maternity to new born, from architectural interiors to travel and the rest. I have this urge to keep participating in competitions online and offline to understand and keep improving my skill set. Photography has always been in the back of my mind before taking up architecture. And architecture helped me understand and realize it.

Have won a state level photography competition and exhibited nation wide with New York and in Canada too.

What are your art interests?

Photography has been my key art interest along with painting at times and mandala drawings.

What are your views about the current scenario of art in our country?

Indian society still has no wider acceptance for people opting art as a profession. This is changing with a lot of art exhibitions and its accessibility to each and every individual.. Also with the social platforms like Instagram and Behance. Putting up work for it to reach a wider audience has helped create awareness.

And it's amazing to see how artists with varied field of work and experiences try and stand up for its community.

What are your working on currently?

Right now I am trying to develop a concept to portray mental illness and its impacts on people through faceless portraits. This is for an exhibition with an organisation that helps people talk about their bad experiences in life and get over it.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Inspiration comes from day to day living and the experiences of life that i get. Because each day is totally different from the previous one and also architecture has shaped and helped me look for details perspectives and other technical aspects.

Which kind of artists would you be interested to collaborate with?

Like minded people who understand the importance of taking art forms as seriously as any other professions. This helps to create a network of two-way learning that could be helpful for any individual.

What's the first thing you do when you wake up ?

Check the Instagram and then god for keeping me alive.

Which is the most used app in your phone?

Instagram and snapseed.

Which is the one song you can't get out of your head?

There is no one song.But the Punjabi songs these days have been on loop in the playlist of mine and it totally depends on what kinda mood i am in. So at times there is only coke studio being played too.

You de-stress by?

Sleep and travel to new places on new projects. Cutting off from the social media at times help me de-stress and realize that its not a race in this art field. Also mandala drawings have helped me in terms of the creative blocks that i sometimes usually go through.

You can check more of her artwork on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/platformforartists/

To connect with Khyati ,connect with her on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/tasveer.naama/

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