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For Lady Bird, Lockdowns & Lethal Viruses.

The first time I watched ‘Lady Bird’ was on an Emirates flight from London to Delhi. Wedged between an Asian couple, I watched the ending of the movie-holding back tears because I did not want to ruin my Mascara or alert my co-passengers of me being a wimp.

My modern sensibilities were hit hard the second time I watched the movie during this lockdown. It was only two days ago when I was sprawled on my bed in a darkened room with the laptop balanced masterfully on my tummy. I was able to cry freely this time.

One dialogue said by Lady Bird stuck with me, never leaving my brain and successfully making a fond place in my heart. 'I wish I could live through something.' -Lady Bird laments to her mother, who at the thought of her teenage daughter going off to college, crumbles on the inside but does not let it show. This dialogue appears in the opening scene of the movie. So, you can guess how warm and gentle the rest of the movie really is.

Well, good for you, Saoirse’s Ronan’s character. Because, if you weren’t fictional and if you actually existed right now, you’d finally be living through something.