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For Lady Bird, Lockdowns & Lethal Viruses.

The first time I watched ‘Lady Bird’ was on an Emirates flight from London to Delhi. Wedged between an Asian couple, I watched the ending of the movie-holding back tears because I did not want to ruin my Mascara or alert my co-passengers of me being a wimp.

My modern sensibilities were hit hard the second time I watched the movie during this lockdown. It was only two days ago when I was sprawled on my bed in a darkened room with the laptop balanced masterfully on my tummy. I was able to cry freely this time.

One dialogue said by Lady Bird stuck with me, never leaving my brain and successfully making a fond place in my heart. 'I wish I could live through something.' -Lady Bird laments to her mother, who at the thought of her teenage daughter going off to college, crumbles on the inside but does not let it show. This dialogue appears in the opening scene of the movie. So, you can guess how warm and gentle the rest of the movie really is.

Well, good for you, Saoirse’s Ronan’s character. Because, if you weren’t fictional and if you actually existed right now, you’d finally be living through something.

Welcome to Lockdown 2020, everyone. It marks the reign of Dalgona coffee, a short supply of face masks, and going to bed at 5:00 AM every morning.

Yes, not just Lady Bird, we ALL are currently living through something that will be documented in the upcoming history books. People will look back at this pandemic with fear, anxiety, and a thin layer of fortitude in the name of people who were able to survive the coronavirus against all odds.

Nevertheless, we’d all be lying if we say that we don’t expect something eerier to happen any second now. Donald Trump promising to “retaliate” if India does not export hydroxychloroquine. Or, Boris Johnson getting infected. What’s next? An alien invasion?

It’s also a little intimidating when you feel the slightest of itches in your throat or when one of your loved ones starts to sneeze repeatedly.

It’s just allergies, you tell yourself.

The thing is, we are either so relaxed that we are taking 31 naps a day. Or, suddenly, almost abruptly, we are on high alert 24/7 about our well—being. There really is no in-between.

When you think of the phrase “living through something”, you expect it to be more theatrical and laced with grandiose. But our version only involves staying at home, getting bored and trying to bond with the family we should have bonded with a long time ago.

We cannot escape our fate, can we? If saving the world constitutes NOT going out, then so be it. I would be more than happy to be considered a superheroine sans a cape or a shield rather than someone who considers this virus to be a witch’s hex.

As is prevalent on TikTok-“Coronavirus, you’re killing the vibe.” Yes, it is. But we won’t let it kill the human race.

Stay strong and stay hygienic!

The above piece is written by Avantika Singhal who is one of the guest bloggers for the PFA community. You can connect with her directly on her Instagram account.

For anything else related to the community or know how can you contribute to the community write to Pawan Rochwani on pawan@pfaindia.com.

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