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At the PFA Art Space, Wednesdays are weekly off, so every Wednesday, we will be sharing our thoughts on the series or movie we are watching that week. After the Emmy 2019 nominations came out Tuesday, two shows dominated the nominations this year, Game of Thrones and Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. We decided that we’ll start with the show with the second highest nominations this year, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, a show about a housewife, mother of two with an undiscovered talent in comedy.

I first saw the trailer of the show on YouTube, all my high expectations were met when I watched the show on Amazon Prime. The show has two seasons with eight and ten episodes. While season one is based in New York, season two also explores Paris and the Catskills (you know what I am talking about if you are a ‘Dirty Dancing’ fan).

If you haven't seen Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, the TV Gods have heard your prayers! It is that show you recommend your friend and they thank you later. This show is nothing short of Marvelous with the perfect balance of drama and comedy. Breaking and shattering the bogus stereotype that women aren’t funny, the show is based in the late 1950s in a time when female stand-up comedians were just starting to gain popularity. You keep going back and forth from laughing to relating too hard with the characters.

The main character Miriam ‘Midge’ Maisel takes on patriarchy with her brilliant and bold stand-up comedy sets, comebacks and T-shirt worthy dialogues. It all starts with Midge’s pink little notebook she uses to take notes for her husband Joel’s comedy sets. Her journey from accidentally performing drunk to performing in front of an audience that yells “Go Home and Clean the Kitchen, Women aren't funny” to more frequent comedy gigs, is like comical roller coaster. Midge with her mic and her manager Suzie with her plunger are probably my new favorite duo. Suzie is that cute no-nonsense bundle of sarcasm and also the loyal artist manager to Midge. Don't we all need a manager like Suzie Myerson in our life? Apart from Midge and Suzie, the other characters are just as relatable and dazzling. One of the highlights for me is when Midge struggles to decide whether to be herself in her comedy sets or listen to another female comedian's advice and put on a fake costume and accent to get more laughs. Isn't that a constant debate artists have with themselves, making art that sells or make art and sell it?

Just like Midge and her little pink notebook, don't we all have old sketchbooks and notebooks that deserve our attention? You never know what undiscovered talent awaits you!

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