Peep into the story-tellers mind ft. Mehak Mirza Prabhu.

Don’t we all absolutely love stories? Be it a fiction, historical or mythological; stories have their own soothing charm. We often read many a stories in books or on available online content, but don’t we all secretly wish for someone to tell those stories? Just like the good old times.

Well, let us introduce you to this brilliant talent who does not only create stories but also performs live and even records stories in audio video format for digital consumption.

Meet Mehak Mirza Prabhu, a storyteller in today’s technology driven world. While talking to Mehak, we realized & felt her strong love for storytelling and how she never imaged this to become so big. It’s her passion for storytelling that drives her to run this unique and creative career. She has been an inspiration for many such people who hold the beauty of writing and storytelling.

Have a look at this interesting chat we had with her recently:

1. Tell us about yourself.

I am a storyteller, just a storyteller and it took me 33 long years to discover the true identity of myself.

2. What role does story-telling play in your life?

That's all that I think about these days. And I can only pray it continues till my last breath.

3. How did it start for you?

I started writing on Facebook around 4 years back, things like small philosophical posts or poems, micro-tales. It was that phase in life where I was doing nothing else. Writing made me feel things that were otherwise trapped and shut for years. Short stories came next. Creating audios of them came after that. Performing came last. And now I can't believe I haven't been doing this all my life. 

4. Do you agree stories have the power to bring major changes in the development of a country, how ?

The process of creating stories, specially fictional where you are telling stories of other people by putting yourself into their shoes, makes one a more compassionate human being. That rubs off on the listeners as well. Stories can change a nation by changing each person individually.

5. Which story has been a life changing experience for you?

Career & confidence wise - Phir Mohabbat karni hai

Self-satisfaction wise - Chaar pankhe

6. Which values do you like to inculcate in the audience while you narrate a story to them? How do you do that?

I just wish people can understand other person's struggle and life before judging them. I just make sure my stories show the honest truth that usually people tend to look away from.

7. We have seen your Youtube series - Mrs. Dubey, can you tell us how did that character come to life?

I don't even know. She just came to me out of no where. Maybe a mixture of all the lovely old ladies I saw while growing up. 

8. Can you tell us how Jhumritalaiya works and how is your experience of teaching others so far?

Jhumritalaiya is the current residing address of my Heart. Jhumritalaiya conducts workshops of storytelling and performance poetry for various groups like writers, students , corporate, NGOs etc. But what is really most thrilling is the online one-on-one mentoring that I have recently started, where I am able to actually mould each person individually into a unique storyteller out of the unique person they are.

9. What are the key factors that accelerate story-telling process in a person?

Recollecting all your life experiences, good and bad, and remembering those feelings. Its like making an 'emotions bank' of sorts, and that is definitely is the most important tool.

10. How does your surrounding influence your stories?

Completely. We tend to overthink for ideas for our stories whereas the real treasure is right around you. Observe, feel, mirror our surroundings for most relatable stories.

11. What would the title of your life-story be?

Back to Zero.

12. Which is your most favourite story-telling channel on YouTube?

Ummmmmm I have a confession to make, I don't watch much online content :D

13. Chai / Coffee is the fuel to bring out the best stories for you?

No. Best stories happen when I get in a zone where I forget to eat, drink or even sleep.

14. One podcast that changed the way you look at life

Not explored podcasts as such.

15. Books that you would like to recommend our readers.

My favourite is Fountainhead and Sybil. But basically read to de-stress and enjoy, not to learn. Learning will happen subconsciously.

Isn’t it amazing how Art is opening creative doors for people with such unique talents? We get to speak to various artists everyday, and it just fills our heart with pleasure & happiness to be part of this amazing Art industry.

Mehak, we can’t thank you enough for sharing your stories with the world. Cheers to many more stories to come!

Connect with Mehak Mirza Prabhu on Instagram and YouTube.

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