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If you are a musician, you should start working with these artists.

We all know that releasing an album is never as easy as just recording your songs and putting it out there. There's a lot that an artist needs to pay close attention to and sometimes can tend to overlook certain aspects of an Album Release. A good album needs to be packaged well in order to grab a potential listener's attention. One would need to figure Artwork, Content, Videos and much more. Consider this article as a checklist of which kind of artists you need to be working with to make sure your album / EP is the best it can get.

1. Illustrator:

Working with an illustrator, especially one that understands your music and your style, can add a whole other aspect to your album. Especially when it comes to designing your cover art, since a visually appealing cover can attract so many more listeners to your music.

When it comes to music, there is no dearth for choice. Especially online. And on a subconscious level, we tend to make split-second choices visually. So the artwork you have, besides being great, needs to convey the vibe of the music at a single glance.

Besides your artwork, an illustrator can design your merchandise - Posters, Stickers, etc. Having your artwork spread offline via merchandise gives people something to recognize you by.

2. Content Writer

This one is fairly straightforward. Surprisingly a lot more writing than expected is involved in tying together an Album. You've got your Band / Artist descriptions, Press-kits, Album description, Social media communication and what not!

Once your album is out there and Gig season comes around, you will find yourself contacting venue programmers for shows and online platforms for features and articles. The press-kits and descriptions they read will make or break their first impressions of you.

3. Videographer

Today, no one buys and listens to music on CDs anymore. Music is PRIMARILY consumed on platforms (like YouTube) where a video will be 10 times more receptive than just an audio track. Choosing a good videographer is essential because a good video can make a song more memorable to the listener. Video can also be a tool to enhance the storytelling in your music.

But remember, a bad video can make a good song less likable to the listener but a good video can make a song even better because of the context it can add.

4. Photographer

In a highly competitive world of first impressions, good photography can make a huge difference. Pro photography means pro musicians! Having a good photographer on-board for your gigs can really capture the energy and vibe of your shows. Brilliant images really help an artist stand out online.

5. Website Designer:

Yep, sounds odd, but let's digress a little! Having your own website may not seem like a top priority for a musician but it is nonetheless important. Having your own website is like having your own corner online. Yes, your social media may technically reach a lot more people, but with regards to showcasing your personality as an artist and your brand identity, there's a lot more you can do with a website.

Besides that, there are a few business-related benefits from having your own website. With a website, you can sell to your fans directly without getting a distributor involved. Besides that, having your own website is what industry professionals would expect out of musicians who take themselves seriously.

Having a good website designer can ensure you get all of this and more out of your site.

We hope this article has got you thinking about which artists you need to be contacting soon!

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