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PFA November Indie Music Feature.

Greetings, Indie music fan!

And if you aren’t one, you should be. The Indian indie scene has some wonderful music spanning pretty much every genre, and there are crazy new releases and gigs every week. In this series I hope to talk about a few of them and get you hooked on to homemade sonic magic, and introduce some of the graphic artists, video artists, and producers behind the scenes. Check out the list below for a mix of new and old indie music you’re sure to love.

1. Zoya - Worth It

Indian-born, California-raised songwriter Zoya released Worth It in September. With a voice as sublime as hers, she needs minimal production to get through to you, and she does that with so much soul. A perfect evening song? You got it! We honestly can’t wait for more from her, we have a feeling that the groovier stuff is on its way

2. Ahmer - Inqalab

Kashmiri rapper and firebrand Azadi Records signee Ahmer released his self-produced mixtape Inqalab earlier this month, deep in the heat of the happenings up north. Ahmer pulls no punches as he toes the line of the beat while loading each and every rhyme with the fire of protest and resistance. The mixtape is just like the album art. Take our word for it.

3. Kumail - Yasmin

Mumbai-based producer Kumail has become quite the name in the down tempo scene with his liquid beats and groovy flow, but for his next release Yasmin which drops this week, he’s taking on a wide range of influences and putting them together in a way only he can. We’re really stoked for this one!

4. Parvaaz - Kun

To be honest, we weren’t quite done playing Parvaaz’s exceptional debut Baran but their eagerly-awaited album Kun is here and it’ll be on our minds for a long, long time. Parvaaz dive deeper into their lyrical and musical sensibilities while keeping Kashmir alive in the album’s core to deliver a package that breaks through all the high expectations we’ve set for them.

5. As We Keep Searching - Rooh

Currently on a tour to support their new album Rooh, AWKS have paired up the sonic aspect of their shows with some amazing artwork courtesy Anoop Bhat and stunning visuals to go with it. But that’s not even the beginning of the story - Rooh is the band’s most expansive, most ambitious project yet, and it gets right in the soul - which is what the album’s title means in Urdu.

6. Ankit Dayal - Am I In The Way?

You might know him from Bombay-based Spud In The Box, but Ankit’s new avatar has a host of new tricks up its sleeve, mixing his love for electronica with the melody and songwriting that has been at his musical core. Featuring cyanotype artwork by Parizad D, Ankit’s music is releasing in phases, and that’s a good thing because we need time to soak in all that beauty.

7. Samar Mehdi - Guruub

When Samar plays live, listeners get lost in the magic he weaves as he plays the guitar in an unusual, percussive way. But close your eyes and you’ll know that at the heart of his style lies a body of inspired songwriting that is at its finest in the single Iltija off his second EP Guruub.

8. MALFNKTION - Infinity Trail

Mumbai-based producer Aditya Alamuru, who goes by the moniker MALFNKTION, has a crazy work rate that’s matched only by his ability to constantly deliver absolutely groovy music in pretty much all sub genres of electronica. We’re not sure when exactly he got time to record Infinity Trail given his constant presence in the live music scene but boy he did one hell of a job with it.

9. Gouri And Aksha - Look Inside

Singer-songwriter and pianist duo Gouri and Aksha lend soul to pop, or perhaps the other way round. Either way, their debut single Look Inside, with an animated video by Anusha Menon, is sure to make you do just that - look inside, and find nice things there.

10. Easy Wanderlings - As Written In The Stars

You’ve probably heard Pune-based Easy Wanderlings’ album As Written In The Stars which can probably be described as campfire soul (I made that up), but the seven-piece band is set to perform at SXSW 2020 in Austin, Texas and we can’t wait for their set. It’s always a good time to listen to them, but this wonderful news warrants a revisit. Our pick? The dreamy Enjoy While It Lasts.

11. When Chai Met Toast - Believe

Another Indian entry at SXSW 2020 is Cochin-based folk-rock act When Chai Met Toast, who describe their own genre as “Happy”. We think that’s a rather apt description for the four-piece, as is proved in their uplifting EP Forever. Ina mere four songs the 2018 EP takes you through a journey that ends in a warm crescendo with the track Forever.

12. Tajdar Junaid - Ekta Golpo feat. Satyaki Banerjee, Anusheh Anadil

It’s neither easy to describe Tajdar Junaid’s music, nor to listen to it with all the raw emotion it carries without resorting to the language of words. Ekta Golpo is a version of a song originally composed by Ajit Pandey and Ajitesh Bandhyopadhyay and performed by Taj on his album What Colour Is Your Raindrop. While music this beautiful can never get old, it felt very pleasant to refresh our memories of this track when a music video was released last month to accompany it, directed wonderfully by Pigeon and Co. Watch Taj tell a story all over again - and once again, with no words needed.

That's it.

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