• Atharva Karkhanis

PFA x Zostel - Art Getaway 2019

What happens when Art meets Travel? What happens when a solo artist looking for creative inspiration picks up their backpack and travels down to Zostel Panchgani with Platform For Artists? Here’s what happens - you meet new artists, you make art like you never did before and return home with a backpack overflowing of ideas, inspiration, memories and so much more.

Platform For Artists hosted their 14th Art Getaway with Zostel Panchgani from 5th September to 8th September 2019. These four days packed with guest sessions from content creators, travel photographers, brand builders and creative professionals, DIY activities, collaborative art, magic tricks and mesmerizing music were nothing short of a grand success. From magicians to graphic designers, the participating artists were a diverse group of creative individuals.

The first guest speaker, Vibha Harish, the Creative Head of India’s biggest retailer for art and cr