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Indie songs that we were listening to in February 2020

When we as a community partner with events or brands, we accept the artistic ideology that they bring in and not just a particular project deliverables, so when we partnered with Keymakers Media for their Indie Music Festival that happened in Hyderabad recently we knew this vibe is something that we would want to curate for a long time.

So when we wanted someone to curate the February 2020 Playlist for us, we asked the team if they would be willing to do it and they were equally excited.

The team writes from here on wards

If you’re new to indie music, and are still listening to mainstream Bollywood, this is the perfect time to make the switch, as independent music is the biggest it has ever been! Spanning every genre you could think of. Everyday we come across an artist or a band and wonder, “why don’t more people listen to these guys?” but maybe that’s what Indie music is all about, discovering music other people don’t know about and obsessing over artists nobody knows of, almost like your own little box of secret music, well have a look at our little box of music for this month.

1. Scalp Dem - Delhi Sultanate x Seedhe Maut (prod. by Jawan)

Scalp Dem a part of the new-age desi hip-hop, we believe this might be the third wave of desi hip-hop coming our way, first wave being likes of Bohemia, Badshah and Yo Yo Honey Singh which were a more mainstream approach at rap, second wave being “gully rap” pioneered by likes of Naezy, Divine, etc. which were more focused and driven by struggles of life, and the real dirt they live and go through, now with gully rap hitting mainstream success, the third wave of desi hip-hop being created and consumed right now is more politically driven along with struggles and real life, recognised by desi beats generally mixed with western sounds, this wave maybe even more underground than gully rap due to it’s controversial nature. Or maybe we are just noticing the politically driven nature of desi hip-hop because of the state we currently are in, either way Scalp Dem is a kickass song with a very strong political message, and art is just a reflection of the artist’s society.

2. Southside - Hanumankind.

As cool as Hanumankind sounds for an artist's name, the song is even better! it is, as we mentioned, a part of the third wave of desi hip-hop, easily recognized by the desi beats mixed with more western sounds.

3. The Climb - Shantanu Pandit.

Shantanu Pandit is a singer songwriter based in New Delhi. The Climb is a beautiful piece. We would not call it revolutionary, but it’s a great Sunday morning listen.

4. Moar - Netha.

Nikhil Netha or as known as Netha, has released his debut track called Moar, it's a refreshing take on EDM, with a super desi and mellow vibe to it, we would recommend this track to listeners who aren't fans of EDM as it might change your view on what you think of generic mainstream EDM.

5. Nukhta (feat.Kutle Khan) - Midival Punditz.

We cannot talk about refreshing electronic music without mentioning Midival Punditz, Nukhta is a track you may or may not love but you cannot deny that it’s like nothing you’ve heard before, it’s a fantastic track with remixes for days.

6. Zaraasa - Pavan Gaikwad.

7. Let Me Out, Let Me Go - Awkward Bong.

8. Impulse - Heat Sink.

Heat Sink’s debut album consists of 4 songs, Impluse being my personal favorite, it’s been mixed and mastered by Thomas Juth, a two time Grammy winning engineer

9. Conversation - Ramya Pothuri

10. Harkat (feat. the Ghalat Family) - Ankur Tewari.

11. Shahenshah - Chabuk.

Along with incredible cover art, Chabuk’s album “Downmarket” has some really good tracks like Shahenshah, though it claims to be hip-hop it has a rock vibe, it’s a very new mix, and actually sounds good, definitely worth checking out.

12. Mita Do -Sifar

13. Attack of the Roachsmokers - Bhayanak Maut.

Metal, we really feel India has not heard or created enough metal, so seeing an Indian band make heavy metal music is honey to our ears.

14. Judas - Sellcheck

Spellcheck is a Hyderabad based rock band, one of my favorites at that, has launched a new track “You, Me and Mary Jane” yet we keep coming back to “Judas” that’s why it gets to make the list.

15. Leaders of Men - Thermal and a Quarter.

Thermal and a Quarter (TAAQ) is a Bangalore based band, the track Leaders of Men, as a strange appeal, in the sense that it just sounds right, comforting like they have been here a while, it’s an emotion you can only feel while listening to it, so we would suggest you to give it a listen.

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