Being a responsible art community.

Corona Virus | COVID - 19 has affected each one of us irrespective of where we belong, what we do and who we are. While there are updates, precautions and safety measures being shared across the internet, it is important to realize this cannot be fought by a particular country/ person/ authority or religion alone. We, together, have to work on eliminating the damage done by the virus.

As a community of artists, we work on project ideas not just to grow but also to impact people with the kind of work we do. Our annual project UNREAD - an anthology with 99 writers across the country was launched in February. We planned a city tour of three months (March - April - May) for the book which covers 15 cities so we could meet artists based there, listen to their stories of art and network with like-minded people. The work for which started in December - booking the venue, co-ordinating and training city-based volunteers, community partnerships, deciding the agenda and flow of the tour. We were planning to announce the tour on 10th March and host events every weekend thereon. Now, with the current scenario of the outbreak of the CoronaVirus all the ongoing and upcoming projects had to be put on hold. Imagine putting hours in drafting proposals, getting on calls, meetings, writing emails for a project to work smoothly and then it has to be canceled. We know you have been there too and we are writing this so that you know we have experienced it too.

We had collaborated with events, communities, artists, venues for multiple projects in the next month, but it had to be postponed. We decided not to risk anyone’s life by doing things offline because we consider our community members are our responsibility. We release a new episode of our podcast ‘When We Met’ every Friday and record it with a guest at a studio in different cities. We have done this in the most difficult of the situations, one of it being in a cab while reaching the event location in Bangalore, but this time we couldn’t gather enough courage to put the team members and guests life at risk for recording the podcast so we instead did a video to answer all your questions at our studio. These decisions were made very spontaneously and we had to think on our feet. But we have decided not to stop, while we are pinned indoors, we are working on some ideas which could help all the artists whose events, gigs, shows, projects are canceled for the coming month. We are thinking of how we could use the different digital platforms to help you all put your work out even while you are locked down in your home.

We understand that everyone had a list of things they wished to accomplish this year and two months into 2020, the world is facing a pandemic that has changed all our dreams and targets. But we have to accept that certain situations are unavoidable and are not in our control. This is a time for each of us to think beyond ourselves, beyond the company we work in, beyond the city we live in. Our actions, our words can impact the conditions positively or negatively thereby putting us in a position of being conscious while taking any step.

We, as a community, evaluate every step we take and every word we put out through online/offline mediums. We represent thousands of people thereby indirectly being responsible for the information we convey, the example we set. We urge you to utilize this time in growing, introspecting, healing and helping people around. When the world will be back to normal, these things can be put to use. Consider this as your rehearsal for the bigger play.

Stay safe, don’t step out unless it is necessary. Hydrate, eat healthy, exercise and maintain hygiene. Help people around you by educating them, looking after them, supporting them. Most importantly, verify the information you share.

This shall pass too!

Platform For Artists is a community build by artists for artists and we believe in collaboration, co-creation. While you are working from home, if there is anything you need our help in - to build your profile, to grow your digital presence, to brainstorm on new project ideas, drop us a DM on Instagram. We would try to share our knowledge and experience for you to grow as an artist.


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