My work is related to my inner self and somehow shows my journey.

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Artist of UNSEEN 2.0 - Samirdhi Khandelwal | Painter

UNSEEN 2.0 is an unconventional form of exhibition which is a digital art exhibition curated by Platform For Artists . This enables artists across the country to participate, showcase their work and connect with like minded people. The entire idea is to broaden the scope of exposure which the artists would probably not get at an offline event. We have sixty diverse artists from across the country who are a part of this one of it's kind art exhibition.

Here is a set of questions team Platform For Artists asked Samridhi about her everyday routine, her art interests and more.

Tell us about yourself.

I am an artist with 6 years of experience, currently working on my research on the idea of Reciprocity Failure. I have been working on this research since I was in Coventry University for my post graduation which I had completed last year. Also, I had been acknowledged for my piece of art by Finext National Award, Bhopal in 2018

My work is related to my inner self and somehow shows my journey. Highly interested in learning and gaining a further insight into different creative skills, Through my art work, I am building upon my previous knowledge, take my creativity to next level and hone my ideas and abilities both deterministically and aesthetically.

What are your working on currently?

Currently working on the idea of the shadow in relation to unconscious - conscious state and exploring more ideas related to it. The purpose is to bring out the essence soul of the object which helps in sharing my emotions out through my paintings. Experimenting with reciprocity failure in daily life.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

My influences are first and foremost everything I see, feel and experience. The artists I most admire are John Martin and Pablo Picasso. In my work, the use of light- shadow, presence-absence, line drawings depicts daily experiences (Shadow as a Metaphor for unconsciousness), inspired from the Freud theory of unconsciousness, where reciprocity failure is compared to the more psychological side of an individual consciousness and unconsciousness. It is also influenced from my spiritual knowledge and key texts of the Hindu religion. The influence of different culture and its impact is visible in my work.

Which kind of artists would you be interested to collaborate with?

I am flexible in working with any artist as I am always keen to explore more and learn new things.

What's the first thing you do when you wake up ?

Check my phone

Which is the most used app in your phone?

Adobe sketch

Which is the one song you can't get out of your head

Stay -the Hail

Sham- Nikhil D’Souza and Amit Trivedi

You de-stress by?


You can check more of her artwork on Instagram

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