My interest lies in slightly provocative, thought-provoking, female centric art.

Artist of UNSEEN 2.0 - Surmai Jain | Illustrator

UNSEEN 2.0 is an unconventional form of exhibition which is a digital art exhibition curated by Platform For Artists . This enables artists across the country to participate, showcase their work and connect with like minded people. The entire idea is to broaden the scope of exposure which the artists would probably not get at an offline event. We have sixty diverse artists from across the country who are a part of this one of it's kind art exhibition.

Here is a set of questions team Platform For Artists asked Surmai about her everyday routine, her art interests and more.

Tell us about yourself.

I am a Fashion Communication graduate from NIFT Mumbai with an Associates degree in Advertising from FIT New York. I worked with a design agency for a year before calling it quits and now I make illustrations for my alias @send_prudes. I like matcha, R&B, and can spend hours discussing new fashion drops and women’s rights if anyone’s interested.

What are your art interests?

I have loved painting since I was as young as four. My interest lies in slightly provocative, thought-provoking, female centric art. Fashion has always been very important to me, and I make sure to incorporate it in my work in subtle ways - adding a garment detail, or jewelry, piercings etc.

Though I have recently been doing digital illustrations, I love getting my hands dirty the old school way because nothing beats the smell of oil paints.

What are your views about the current scenario of art in our country?

- It’s nice to see the rise of appreciation and acknowledgement of younger artists in the past years (thanks to social media). Though sometimes I sense repetition, imitation (and too much competition) but I’m amazed by how accessible opportunities have become.

What are you working on currently?

• More illustrations based on the new wave of feminism, and some light pieces on bisexuality.

• Also, I’m working on being more sustainable.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Reading and observing. Articles, books, memes, everything. Watching women trying to make it a woman’s world one day at a time. The constant struggle of people fighting for equal rights every day. All of it inspires me to make what I make.

Which kind of artists would you be interested to collaborate with?

I would love to collaborate with a mural artist. It’d be incredible to help make something of more permanence compared to digital posts that are forgotten in between scrolls. Also, other illustrators who are aware of their surroundings and want to send out a message through their work.

What's the first thing you do when you wake up ?

Drink water and try not to check Instagram.

Which is the most used app in your phone?

After Instagram, it’s Vogue Runway and MakeMyTrip. It’s funny how I keep checking tickets to places that I never find the time to go to.

Which is the one song you can't get out of your head?

Nikes by Frank Ocean

You de-stress by?

Working out and listening to Destiny’s Child.

You can check more of her artwork on Instagram

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