These Illustrators are turning real-life mental health scenarios into Witty Art.

Social Media is a platform for people to share their views, ideas, and thoughts and in recent times, it has become a canvas for invisible thoughts, taboos and an interpreter of social change. A number of artists, illustrators and writers are using this medium to display their creative visualizations to talk freely about issues that are deep-rooted in our society, primarily mental disorders.

It is of no surprise that mental disorders carry with them stigma and shame and lack of general awareness but these illustrators and artists are creating a space for everyone to acknowledge the presence of mental illnesses, their possible precautions and cure and educating people a way to deal with them. Art has a universal language and in an effort to raise awareness about mental health, let us bring forth a few remarkable accounts that you must follow on Instagram today!

1. Sonaksha Iyengar @sonaksha

Keep your claws off my choice by @Sonaksha | Platform For Artists

With her #atozofmentalhealth project, Iyengar began to draw attention from various people on the internet with her artsy colors, sketches, and doodles. With detailed research and words expressing her mind in captions, each post constantly talks about the importance of well being.

2. Mounica Tata @doodleodrama

Illustration by @Doodleodrama | Platform For Artists

She quit her corporate job and became a full-time illustrator who is doodling her way into everyone’s hearts. With perfect usage of characters, witty dialogues and expressive colors, Mounica doodles various forms of social issues, including mental health. She has started a number of initiative on her page which you will absolutely love and feel connected to.

3. Pranita Kocharekar @pranitart

Journal your feelings by @Pranitart | Platform For Artists

Illustrator Pranita Kocharekar battled social anxiety with the help of a professional and soon decided to draw her story via art. She started curating social situations that displayed her emotions as she faced them on a daily basis.

4. Alyse Ruriani @alyserurianidesign

Don't believe everything you think by @Alyserurianidesign | Platform For Artists

Chicago based Alyse cares a lot about mental health and call herself a maker of mental health things. She draws illustrations, designs, lettering, self-help tools and anything encompassing mental health. She transforms daily life experiences into art and is currently training to be an Art therapist and counselor.

5. Matilda @crazyheadcomics

Mental Illness is not a phase by @crazyheadcomics | Platform For Artists

A ‘Swedish girl making art about mental illness,’ Matilda is a canvas of illustrations, candor and powerful messages on mental health. She describes herself as lightworker on a journey of recovery’ and covers topic such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, anorexia, and bipolar disorder, etc.

6. Joanne @wonder_doodles

You dont need permission to take care of yourself by @wonder_doodles | Platform For Artists

Freelance doodle artist and a licensed therapist, Joanne draw real-day comics that portray a person with mental illness in various situations. She covers topics of self-love, anxiety, and put forth the thoughts in terms of inspirational quotes, cartoons, sketches, and self-help posts.

7. Laman @lamandrawsstuff

Illustration by @lamandrawsstuff | Platform For Artists

Laman’s drawings are simple, relatable and quirky in all its ways. Encompassing mental health, anxiety, social issues, insecurities, social anxiety, and other mental illnesses, Laman extracts everyday conversation and embed them into art on Instagram.

8. Haley Weaver @haleydrewthis

Illustration by @haleydrewthis | Platform For Artists

What started as a New year resolution and a creative challenge @haleydrewthis has today, more than 50,000 followers and growing each day. Haley posts simple drawings which are entertaining, honest and genuine. She draws her vulnerability in each post and lets people see what goes on inside the heart and mind.

9. Prathiksha Bhat @priberry

Illustration by @priberry | Platform For Artists

Having gone through a rough patch of depression and anxiety, illustrator Pratiksha Bhat decided to portray her mental health situation through art on Instagram. Her simple yet impactful posts talk about various emotions and the conversations she’s had with her therapist.

10. Alec MacDonald @alecwithpen

Illustration by @alecwithpen | Platform For Artists

This artist is known to turn his anxiety and depression into funny comics which are dark and intrinsically funny. Alec began his path to comedy due to what he calls as his ‘bad brain.’ His posts are infused with self-loathing jokes, sarcasm, and personal revelations.

Besides these artists who are drawing inspiration from real-life situations, there are multiple pages on Instagram that talk openly about mental health such as Artidote, The Blurt Foundation, Sad Girls Club, Beth Draws Things, The Latest Kate, Let’s Talk About Mental Health, Broken Light Collective, Buddy Project and a plethora of other accounts that are creating awareness.

Mental health is a priority and any illness related to the brain needs your full attention. Platform For Artists suggests that if you or anyone you know are dealing with any sort of mental illness, seek professional help. These posts can be a great help on a daily basis but mental health needn’t be taken as a joke and should be dealt with immediately.


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