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I'm doing what I like and in that process, if I'm able to share that with the world, that's a bonus!

Meet Trishita, a freelance photographer from Mumbai. The 20-something photographer is inspiring many youngsters with her passion for photography and the amazing work she does.

Trishita is based out of Mumbai and works as a freelance photographer for many top brands. Her travel stories and knack of photography has made her one of the most popular photographers of India.

She has traveled to many countries and has a unique way of sharing her stories though her photographs.

Have a look at the interesting chat we had with her recently:

1. What takes more time, creating an idea & capturing the photographs or the post production?

Everything takes equal amount of time and care on my part but if I had to pinpoint one, then it would be creating an idea.

2. What was the last viral content you felt was a really unique idea?

I don't really follow a lot of viral stuff online but that Anushka Sharma meme that went viral during Sui Dhaaga was my favorite! I mean I did feel bad for her but it was hilarious and spread like wildfire!

3. How difficult or easy it is today to make your work available for more and more audience?

It depends on how well you market yourself and of course, the content you put out. Content and quality work is always superior to the way you portray yourself on social media. Also, there are so many tools like Instagram promotions to boost your work and make it reach more people but I don't know if it really works well or not.

4. Social Media is flooded with brilliant and various artists, how do you plan to keep your work unique?

I focus on keeping things real from my end, be it through my posts or when I'm meeting people out of work. I feel I am who I am because I'm relatable to a lot of my audience. I'm doing what I like and in that process if I'm able to share that with the world then it's a bonus!

Also, I like sharing moments that last forever rather than worrying about the reach that my work will get.

5. While promoting brands & what do they have to offer online, how do you make time for your idea of art & spreading it across your audience?

Most brands come up with their own initial idea that you need to follow. The key is to work with those brands that suit your own personal style. Other brands that give me creative freedom to form my own idea and execute it are my favorite kind of brands! I take about a week to actually think and execute an idea I have.

6. How do you keep yourself updated with latest online content trends?

I am actually not very updated with all the online trends and probably the last one to know about it because I spend most of my time watching various online shows more than social media.

7. You have traveled to various countries and must have observed the Art presence there, what do you think about India’s current Art scenario?

We are at par in some aspects but mostly have a long way to go. Also, I'm so glad that art based professions are getting their due and people's perspective towards art have changed so much in the past 2-3 years.

8. Do you still read about photography techniques?

No. I believe in actually practicing with my camera more than gaining technical knowledge. It's always the way I've taught myself to shoot.

9. While working with various artists, what has been your most valuable take away?

That every artist brings their personal style to the table and that these collaborations are beneficial for the both of us.

10. Which camera do you intend to buy next?

I am really happy with the current one I'm using- Sony A7iii.

11. Which travel destinations are you going next?

Haven't planned my future holidays yet but I really want to explore Europe mainly Portugal and Spain.

12. Which Digital Series you got inspired by?

OMG! There are so many series that I like Grey's Anatomy the most!

13. What was your most memorable travel experience?

Every travel experience of mine is memorable and keeps getting better and better with each passing one but the most beautiful and memorable would be my Thailand trip where I explored Thailand alone and in my own terms and the helicopter ride that I took in Broome, Western Australia recently!

14. Which book are you reading currently?

Not reading anything currently but I would like to read "City of Girls" by Elizabeth Gilbert.

15. Why the name overrated_outcast?

It was a random thought that came to my mind one morning, five years ago and then it stuck around. Never felt like changing it because now it has become my identity.

We truly loved her energy and her immense love for photography, travel & life.

Trishita, continue the amazing work that you do!

Also, did we tell you that Trishita is coming to the Art Gateway we’re organizing at Zostel Panchgani from 5th September to 8th September?

Keep a watch on our Instagram stories.

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