I am blessed to do all that I want to do says Tuheena Raj

We love Tuheena and we find immense worth in her words, honestly. Recently, we got to talk to her about her passion and everything regarding it, scroll down to check what she has to say.

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They say, Words have the power to heal. Why do you think it is so?

Any change that has come has come with dialogue and words. Words are the most powerful tool to communicate ideas. What we say, how we say it and what we emote has an impact on the listener/ reader. It’s no surprise that words hurt and heal.

As a content creator and writer, I am understanding and gauging the depth my words can have on people's lives every day and I am realizing that well-intended words surely do heal.

Admirers find your work very relatable and connecting, how did you develop this style?

I believe my writing is emotive. I am as old as most of my readers are, which is why I understand their thought processes and ideas. Also, when I write, I do not aim to be a ‘know it all’ and I believe my vulnerability reflects in my writing and makes people relate to what I have to say.

What do your words do to you? Where do they come from?

Writing, for me is therapeutic. Although started selfishly at first-writing and sharing for me, it has now become my most favorite respite to cancel out the noise of busy every-days. It, for me is a retreat, a pro bono vacation, an escape and also something that makes me feel more in tune with myself.

Have you ever considered commercializing your Instagram? How do you deal with brands/organizations approaching you for promotion?

I started out on Instagram purely for the purpose to write and express. I never aimed to be a commercial influencer. To me, writing is joy and I like to keep the craft virgin from corporate motives. However, as a consumer and individual, if a brand, ideology or philosophy appeals to me- I have no qualms of speaking about it on my public platforms, with or without a commercial angle attached to it. However, I am extremely conscious of what I am promoting. As a person who enjoys the privilege of being read by so many readers, it is imperative that I promote things that are ethical and real.

In your journey of being a writer, what are the important things you learned which everyone should know?

Writing is a time-consuming process and requires patience. It requires constant deliberation, making and deleting drafts, waiting to find the best words to describe emotions and convey the right thoughts. Over the years, I have learned a few things such as:

- Being original. Speaking my mind. Creating content that is meaningful and thoughtful.

- Deciding my pace. Not letting the quick rate of consumption of social media coerce me to create mediocre content. Putting in the time. Putting in the thought and putting in the effort to create work that is polished and well done.

- Placing the worth on content and not on numbers.

- Being grateful for little milestones, little wins, and progress.

- Taking care of my creative health. Trying to keep my work fresh and relevant.

Do your emotions reflect through your writing always?

Writers are observant and expressive and that’s what lends them the vision to write something elaborately descriptive. A lot of times, writing comes as a form of self-expression to channel inner emotions. There is never a single source of creativity. It is either observed or perceived or created through the emotional experiences of the writer however, poets do their job just like actors. They play a part in enabling a story to be told. Do they live the story themselves? Not necessarily. The ability, however, to convey an emotion, a thought or an idea as convincingly as possible with utmost truth and honesty is what makes their craft unique

Writing and reading go hand in hand, how do you manage to divide time for both? What and where do you read from?

Yes. Content creation flows from abundance. Anyone who writes creates a reservoir of potential ideas that could be worked upon and created into pieces of art. I read as much as possible, although, with a full-time job, it gets difficult. I like to read Manto, Murakami, Chitra Banerjee, Arundhati Roy and other contemporary writers.

Have you published any books? Is it important for a writer to be published to build a career around literature?

I haven’t published a book. I feel I am not ready to put out a book into the universe yet. I want my book to be a well-thought-out piece of work that presents a carefully thought out perspective and I feel like I have to immerse myself in the craft a little more to be able to churn out poetry that could do justice to my readers’ bookshelves.

You recently gave a TEDx talk and you have been a part of a lot of panel discussions lately, what has been your key takeaway? What do you usually love to talk about?

I mostly talk about having a passion project alongside a full-fledged professional career. I talk about juggling, multi-tasking. A lot of times, I have been part of discussions regarding mental health and awareness. Most of the times, I come back from these discussions super motivated and inspired. In the course of such events, I have met some incredible people and I feel enriched after interacting with people who do so much with their time and life.

When it comes to Instagram, Visual content which is photos/ videos grows well compared to writings, how do you tackle this?

I realized early on that Instagram is a visual medium and that is why lifestyle, fashion dictates Instagram. However, I started experimenting with my feed visuals to include handwritten quotes, quotes written over my palm, etc. I try to get creative with my visual representation without losing the minimalistic, monotonic theme that I have. At the end of the day, I want my words to be the focal point.

Do you plan to grow a YouTube channel where you could perform and connect to the audience through your voice?

Not immediately but definitely. I have not come up with a plan yet but I think it could be a lovely way to make my readers-listeners and viewers. I love to perform and YouTube could definitely give me immense visibility.

Along with being an exceptionally amazing Writer, what do you do?

Thanks for the compliment. I have always had a parallel professional career along with being a writer. I was earlier working with Citibank and I now work with Tata Trusts.

Which is one of the best memories, as a writer, you would like to share with us?

Being appreciated for my work by Mr. Swanand Kirkire and Ms. Anvita Dutt Gupta. I met them during a festival and was introduced to them by Mr. Raghu Dixit. It was an absolute dream come true to be appreciated by National Award Winners.

WordsofWorth, you speak for everyone who has turbulence of emotions inside yet struggle to express it in the simplest form, how does being a messiah for so many feel like?

While I think ‘Messiah’ is a hyperbole here, I certainly do feel extremely privileged to get the love that I get from aspiring writers and readers every single day. Even when I am having a bad day- there is someone or the other who leaves me a DM calling me his/ her inspiration. It is honestly extremely gratifying. To be recognized sometimes in the metro while I nonchalantly go about my day, to be called in to speak to young college students and to speak about a career that juggles between creativity and practicality- I believe I am blessed to get to do all that I want and I would have it no other way.

Thank you Tuheena, we are grateful to you for taking out time and taking us through your journey of writing. We look forward to getting inspired, enlightened and more from you in the coming future.

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