Inspiration is everywhere.

Artist of UNSEEN 2.0 - Vikrant Deshmukh | Photographer

UNSEEN 2.0 is an unconventional form of exhibition which is a digital art exhibition curated by Platform For Artists . This enables artists across the country to participate, showcase their work and connect with like minded people. The entire idea is to broaden the scope of exposure which the artists would probably not get at an offline event. We have sixty diverse artists from across the country who are a part of this one of it's kind art exhibition.

Here is a set of questions team Platform For Artists asked Vikrant about his everyday routine, his art interests and more.

Tell us about yourself. 

I’m a person fun loving person who believes in helping others and doing good. Freelance photographer from last 6 years. I always try to get involve in different social activities and make the maximum out of it. 

What are your art interests?

Apart from photography listening to Indian Classical music and playing different instruments such as tabla and guitar has been my interest for long time. Painting sometimes and digital graphic designing is the most I do. 

What are your views about the current scenario of art in our country?

India is one of the most diversified country in terms of art forms. Every city, every town, every place you travel you get see different art forms. Indian art forms have been recognized by the world from ancient times and still continues to do so. Fast development and 21st century has help art forms to evolve and reach out to more people throughout the world. 

What are your working on currently?

- I’m currently pursuing 4th year of Mechanical Engineering at MIT ADT UNIVERSITY Pune. Photography, VFX, graphic designing is what I do all the time. 

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Inspiration is everywhere, it’s the beauty of nature it’s the beauty of our eyes that can see this. Every small inch present around you can inspire you to do and achieve anything you want. But before that self belief and loving yourself is important. 

Which kind of artists would you be interested to collaborate with?

I am always open up to all the opportunities I get. But to be specific I would love to explore fashion industry and the film industry artists. 

What's the first thing you do when you wake up ?

Check my profile in Instagram and plan my day according to what is to be done.

Which is the most used app in your phone?


Which is the one song you can't get out of your head?

What ever it takes by Imagine Dragons.

You de-stress by? 

Mindfulness Meditation and effective conversation with family. 

You can check more of him artwork on Instagram

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