When will we realize that we can do whatever we want to do?

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

I was always afraid to live a mediocre life. To be trapped into the usual path that people of my age would choose, willingly or unwillingly. There was an unusual chaos of thoughts in my mind as I advanced through my college days. I was very sure about not taking up a job because my brain does not function well if someone restricts it to think in a specific direction. But again, I did not know what I actually want to do in my life. These thoughts were eating me up, consuming my sanity. There was one point where I thought of giving up on everything that is going on and taking a leap to figure out where my interest lies. But that wasn’t the right thing to do.

Simultaneously, though I was always fond of writing I was reluctant to call myself an artist. Maybe because I never presented my writing anywhere nor I had anyone who would appreciate my work. This is where I needed to change my thinking. We need to appreciate ourselves and people who create art, without any judgments. I realized this when I went through that situation and decided to work on finding the solution to this problem rather than cribbing about it. The solution turned out to be an idea which was appreciated and loved by hundreds of artists out there. I believe that there has to be some problem that drives your passion and makes you restless until the solution comes out in the form of something big.

( Art Graphic Credits - Manik Chawla)

As quoted by Einstein — “Creativity is contagious.” When you see someone else doing something productive and pouring their soul into creating something exceptional, you automatically think in that direction and the output comes from within. Interacting with artists and sharing about the idea which was in a very naive state back then, one thing was clear that they loved it. And that is the crux of Platform For Artists (PFA).

At PFA, we are trying to build a community of artists that focuses on the creation of inter-disciplinary artwork. A group of people from different art domains and social backgrounds coming together to connect, collaborate and create art with like-minded people is what we focus on. This idea was different, this was new and this was creative! These reasons were enough for us to shape it into a bigger goal. Present in eight cities currently, PFA is associated with more than three thousand artists from different age groups, cities and art genres. And this feels like a family.

(Connect Graphic Credits - Manik Chawla)

Two heads are better than one and that is how collaboration works. We have witnessed artists pouring their imagination and creativity to make amazing artwork. “And that, when you can touch someone’s heart — that is limitless.” A writer and a photographer working together to create photo stories gives an output which is a blend of perceptions by two individuals. Similarly there are other artists who work with people who share similar interests to create exceptional piece of art. PFA is a community that focuses on creation of art more than the other aspects that come along.

I am a huge admirer of Steve Jobs. I worship him. I do not try to imitate him but his words from the Stanford commencement speech keep ringing in my ears — “The only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.” And today I can proudly say that I have found what I love. I have always believed that having guts to follow your intuition and heart is very important and that is what I always do.

We just need to realize that — “We can do whatever we want to do.”

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