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When We Met Podcast talks about India's Art Scene.

The below piece about When We Met Podcast is written by Shubhangi Singh and you can connect with her on Instagram for any questions or to share your opinion about the piece. You can also listen to When We Met podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Hubhopper, Gaana, Anchor or any other podcast app or even watch it on Platform For Artists's YouTube channel.

When We Met Podcast by Platform For Artists

Platform For Artists has always been vocal about the artist community in India and have been addressing issues around it. At PFA, whether it is through Instagram posts or blogs and articles they have always believed in initiating a conversation around things which are not being talked about apprehensively.

When We Met podcast is one such medium for us to converse with different entrepreneurs and artists in the industry. The season 2 of When We Met podcast hosted by Pawan Rochwani, talks about diverse topics and the journey of creators across our country. The second season started by addressing the most common yet neglected issue, The Creative Burnout Problem.

The importance of taking a break from your creative processes and not letting yourself feel guilty of doing it is essential to be practiced. Pawan emphasised on treating your creative work or a passion project as a 9 to 5 job and other small methods to not let the creative burnout burn you. We need to understand that people work with you because of the skill you have and not because you are available to them on DM or email 24/7 365 days.

When the pandemic took over the world, people came forward to raise awareness and safety measures while on the other hand, artists found their own ways to fight COVID-19 and spread awareness. Pawan talked to Aditya Mehta, the Founder of Art&Found who initiated the campaign #DesignFightsCovid to help NGOs give a unique voice through art and design.

The pandemic affected the art industry to a great extent by reducing opportunities and gigs but some artists didn’t stop creating. In the episode 'How artists are turning COVID-19 crisis into an opportunity?' Pawan talked to 10 artists from our country about how during the lockdown they kept the uncertainty at bay by starting a new art or deciding to pursue the kind of creativity they possess. From performance poets, music & film producers to young Artpreneurs, they all shared about how they started and turned their passion into a full-time job amidst such grimness in the world.

To dive deep into how this pandemic changed the local art scene of India, we brought you episodes featuring musicians and tattoo artists. To understand the depth and personal opinions of different music and art creators, Pawan talked to the post rock band AsWeKeepSearching which I personally am a huge fan of. They talked about how music has coped with cancelling of various festivals and live shows. “It’s been 5 months since we had our last gig and we are not sure when we are going to have a gathering of even 30-40 people”

Now the musicians and artists are not competing just with other artists but with big entertainment giants like Netflix, Amazon and Hotstar to compete in this attention economy. With everyone at home, people are consuming online content at double the speed that they were used to but music and art has helped everyone around the world to make peace with the situation and cope with it in isolation.

Not only music but the tattoo industry among many others have witnessed less demand and lack of consumers due to this pandemic. While hearing celebrity tattoo artists Vikas Malani and Lokesh Verma we decoded the myths and process of tattoo making.

Among many other topics that When We Met podcast addresses about Indian art scene, growing as a freelancer was one such topic which helped me and other listeners to get the glimpse on the know-how of freelancing culture in India. He spoke to Kavan Antani who is the CEO and Co-Founder of Indiefolio Network to get some inside peek into the freelance culture. The freelance culture in our country is evolving especially during this pandemic where almost everyone is working remotely and not to forget that India is ranked 2nd in the number of freelancers in the world behind USA.

Getting work and clients in India is complex and not channelised as many freelancers get their clients from Instagram, Facebook or simply by word of mouth which lacks a good customer experience because at the end of the day these are only social media platforms. The current gig economy is not client-oriented for which Pawan talked to Shelby Stephens, Co-Founder of gig marketplace Jolly based out of the USA who told us how killing the existing rules structure will further enhance the future of freelancing across the globe.

Growing as an artist especially in our country varies from just gaining following on social media to actually upskilling yourself in the art industry. For which Pawan talked to Sindhu Biswal, Senior Growth Marketer at Dice Media. Is fretting over your follower count will make you grow as an artist or actually focusing on how and when you put up your content will do? Sindhu and Pawan talk about some techniques of growth hacking and how being data-driven helps creators.

My second most favourite episode is about how artists can adapt to the subscription model and not live on borrowed platforms such as Instagram or Facebook where you have no control over how they push their content. After the TikTok ban in India, one thing which we have realised is that creating over third-party apps will definitely give you a head start into being a creator but at the same hand we don’t know when will they disappear taking away our audience and content. Pup Ninja is one such platform which gives creators a subscription model by directly removing the middlemen says Nirnay Chowdhary, Co-Founder of PupNinja.

Have you ever imagined live shows and flea markets being held online? No right? Well thanks to the pandemic, in the second last episode Pawan talks to Ritam Bhatnagar, Founder of India Film Project, about the 10th season of their annual festival. “What money cannot buy are the human connections” says Pawan while conversing about how participating in such huge festivals makes a significant difference.

When We Met podcast by Platform For Artists is one such show which made me and other listeners realise that as artists, we need to be more vocal about the issues, loopholes and show support not just over hashtags or Instagram posts but in actions as well.

The season 3 of When We Met Podcast starts from 10th October 2020 which will be about World Mental Health Day and new episodes will release on every Friday.

For any suggestions or guest recommendations for the podcast please write to us on hello@pfaindia.com and we will try out best to cover the topics. Take care.

You can also listen to When We Met podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Hubhopper, Gaana, Anchor or any other podcast app or even watch it on Platform For Artists's YouTube channel.

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