an online flea market

13th august to 13th september  

take a tour and click on the artwork to buy from the artists or support them in any other way 

We, at Platform For Artists, consider it as our moral responsibility to empower, support and be vocal for the creative ecosystem in our country. The pandemic has affected every creator in different ways and we are constantly trying to create possible channels for them to grow.

Majority of the artists are trying hard to shift their work online and keep conducting events, hosting gigs on different platforms. And small businesses like those who sell products cannot completely run their show on their social media channels, their work does not reach new audiences and in return it leads to very little sales or no sales at all.

We have been actively bringing in new opportunities to help our community members resume their work and start exploring new avenues. This month we are curating an online flea market with thirty diverse artists from across the country who will showcase their products, tell their story to the audience and sell their work online. The online art flea will run on all the social media platforms including our own website, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter for one entire month starting 13th August.


This Independence Day, we come together as a community to support and make artists independent. This goes beyond the ‘support small business stickers’ or the use of hashtags like #VocalForLocal, it is not just about propagating the idea of buying from local shops and businesses but to bring action in the movement to help the creators sustain and grow. It is intended to stand together in support of these artists whose work has been severely affected due to the lockdown. As we have adapted to the WFH culture over the past few months, why can't we adapt to buying from local artists?

The internet is the stage for all the artists now and it is important to ace the game by using the available resources to reach out to new people. While we, as a community, thrive in building this strong network of artists, we also actively convey this to independent artists via different initiatives.

Every movement began with a group of people coming together to address important issues and advocate the support they need. We believe this is a movement too, to bring a reform and set an example for supporting homegrown artists. With your help and support, it can be achieved.

You can be a part of this movement too, just fill up any of the below forms.

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