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The economic stagnation due to the COVID-19 crisis was most acutely borne by small home-grown businesses. To survive, in the post covid economic scenario they had to adapt to the digital media, which came as a greater challenge to them. Most of these businesses lost their usual customer base and finding a new digital reach is a mammoth task for them.


​To help these small businesses, we launched UNSEEN 3.0 which was a month-long online flea market from the 13th of August to the 13th of September.

The flea provided a platform for 30artists to reach a bigger audience and find a bigger consumer base for their products. 


This festive season, we want to celebrate the efforts put in by the artists all around the country to sustain their local businesses. We don't want to restrict ourselves to online solidarity, we want to bring meaningful change, and contribute to our community in every way we can.


Keeping this in mind and encouraged by the success of UNSEEN 3.0, we bring to you UNSEEN 4.0, an online flea market from the 1st of November to the 10th of November. We have curated 50 artists from all over the country, who will showcase their diverse range of products and share their journey with us. This time we have also partnered up with Instamojo to make the payment process hassle-free and customer-friendly.


We believe these businesses deserve support and love, in helping them we also empower next-generation artists to follow their heart and pursue their passion. As a community, we must provide each artist with the necessary resources at our disposal so that they can thrive and grow.

The internet is the stage for all the artists now and it is important to ace the game by using the available resources to reach out to new people. While we, as a community, thrive in building this strong network of artists, we also actively convey this to independent artists via different initiatives.

Every movement began with a group of people coming together to address important issues and advocate the support they need. We believe this is a movement too, to bring a reform and set an example for supporting homegrown artists. With your help and support, it can be achieved.

You can be a part of this movement too, just fill up any of the below forms.

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