#VoteMeDum is an initiative by Platform For Artists to use the influence and the creative intellect to educate the masses about the power of their vote. We have interviewed the voters from Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur and Aurangabad to understand their political opinion. This also gave us opportunities to speak to the candidates of Lok Sabha Elections 2019 from these cities. It made us understand what the Janta wants and what the candidates have to offer

Before you all read or watch what we have created, we want you to know that we have maintained neutrality towards this entire project and Platform For Artists does not support any political party or any political agenda that has been discussed. We are just being the medium to help you understand the political scenario of the country. Art brings along a lot of responsibility and we have channelized it through our platform to create awareness about the right to vote and more importantly the power of a vote. Using social media effectively, we wish to convey what we have experienced in this entire process of the #VoteMeDum campaign.

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